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Author Topic: Trying out a Dyna processor  (Read 2147 times)

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Offline glassman_48

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Re: Trying out a Dyna processor
« Reply #20 on: December 04, 2017, 06:26:43 AM »
Actually if you look closer barbender the two brands dyna and brute force are alot different. I compaired both side by side at a expo and they may look somewhat similar i can tell you they are not. The brute force is built with much heavier steel and they have a round log troth which feeds crooked wood better. And they have a last piece log holder so it doesn't tip into the splitter chamber.  They have a piston saw motot all so which is a much better setup. They have alot more options for their  machines compaired to dyna. When its time for me to buy one its hands down going to be brute force!
Logman, thank you for your review on brute force, the hydraulic log holder and piston saw motor are 2 of our latest innovations, we also now have a wedge system that can be changed out in about 10 seconds, its pretty brilliant, we also set our log holding arm several inches back away from the log trough so crooked logs will not hit it as easily and on our model 18 and larger our conveyors swivel 3' side to side.  Both of our smallest models now have the deck that will sit upright or on an angle also.  GAB is thinking of purchasing a machine from me, so there will be one in Vermont if he does so guys can go look at it.  Brute force just rated our model 18-24 with 37 hp kohler and piston saw motor at 3 to 4 pulp cords per hour, I cannot verify yet, I just got one in and its definitely faster with the piston saw motor. 

Offline Stoneyacrefarm

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Re: Trying out a Dyna processor
« Reply #21 on: December 04, 2017, 09:02:34 PM »
$28,500.00 for the 14-12 Block Buster Plus.
Not a bad price.
In the ballpark of the Dyna I was looking at.
Work hard. Be rewarded.

Offline logman81

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Re: Trying out a Dyna processor
« Reply #22 on: December 08, 2017, 05:37:18 PM »
Your very welcome glassman48 in my opinion they are one of best machines out there. Very innovative in the features they have and you can tell the deference in quality. When im ready for a processor brute force will definitely be my choice.
Precision Firewood & Logging

Offline 1countryboy

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Re: Trying out a Dyna processor
« Reply #23 on: January 14, 2018, 03:53:59 PM »
I watched a Blockbuster 14-12 pto at the P. Bunyon show 7 years ago.   I was impressed with the simple design and the machine looked well built.  Mine arrived middle of feb in an ice storm.  I use a quick hitch 3pt on a 74 hp MM 670 tractor.  Tractor will pick up the processor and i drive it 6 miles between farms.  Never unhook it.   Machine is 16 ft wide going down the road......same as a 15 ft no till drill.   Machine is rated at 1 cord per hour.  I keep the machine at capacity and run 2 cord an hour.   Never broke any parts other than replace the saw chains and blade.  All normal wear for a chain saw.   The live deck.   no need for spikes on the deck.  Never had a problem.  Level the machine/ use your head when u cut logs for the machine.   Straighter is better and cut all knots off.  Just common sense.   Logs don t roll off the back.....the legs are adjustable and i make sure they stick up 4-6 inches and catch everything.   I cut logs for the processor either 10-12 feet long or 20=24 feet long and haul them on my log trailer and dump truck to my central processing area.  My processor sits over a loading dock lined with 3 high one ton cement blocks.  When i need wood for the heatmore its loaded out with either my 580 backhoe or my AC 840 articuled loader.   If you look at the Blockbuster which has been made for YEARS.  The blue machine is almost identical........controls were moved.  Not as convenient if u need to step around and adjust a cut log.  The dimples on the splitter work.  When u are sawing its important to be sure its a straight cut.   Again just like the old splitters.   There is a learning curve (like everything else).  I can load the deck full.  Plus one in the conveyer then saw and split.   While the log is splitting i advance the conveyer and have the chain moving to the wood.   When the splitter backs off to ready position my chain is cutting thru the new log.  I try to keep the machine in constant motion. 

Tops that are crooked?   That's what tree tops are after being timbered.   What color do u like?   Personal preference, but i could never have one of those blue machines from that state up north..(Buckeye for ever)....Compare the machines and see how little difference there is.   OH, and Blockbuster has been around lots longer.

Seriously, all the machines are good.  They are all expensive.   What do u need it for and what s your price tolerence.

Mine fits.   Am to old to cut like I used to with a chain saw and truck or my buzz saw.  I have run hundreds of cords of wood thru the processor in the winter months and zero repairs to the unit.   Only thing i ever did was repaint it.   The old AC orange they used didn t have hardner in it and faded just like the Wood Mizer does.   

Now i am going out......its 10 degrees and a pile of logs are waiting to be cut for the Heatmore.   Be glad to answer any questions.   

I don t have any pixs posted, but my email is on the Norwood forum site under 1countryboy. 

Just reread my post and will add this.  Blockbuster makes the 14-12 with a wider throat now.  That i would do if they had it back when. 

Ohio Certified Tree Farm

Offline 1countryboy

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Re: Trying out a Dyna processor
« Reply #24 on: January 16, 2018, 11:24:08 AM »
Looking thru all the posts on wood processors.  Over the last 7 years since i bought my Blockbuster 14-12 more and more venders are selling multiple choices of units.   Prices are expensive.   Lots of factors to consider when u buy.  Price, how much do u really use the unit and what type of help do you have.   We all have done the truck and chainsaw method in the woods with a pickup.  That gets harder the older you get. 

When my brother and i process.  It starts when we drag the timbered tops out of the woods and size them.  Lot like the timber cutters.   Everything is sized to 12 or 24 foot lengths and all knots are cut off in the woods.  I try NOT to have crooked stuff.  It gets cut immediately to firewood size and loaded.  Then the nice sized are loaded on truck and trailer.  When i unload at my processing site i stack and then i can work alone or with a friend processing.  I will NOT let anybody else load the processor.  The Blockbuster is heavy and well built.   If u work yourself it is a load, stop, process.   Much faster than a chain saw, BUT, a second guy improves efficiency to about 90/95 percent.   My processor never stops when a second guy is running the controls.  Equals 2+ cords of wood per hour in my pit and ready to load out with front loader and to my furnace.   

Crooks stuff that gets to the processor.   Yes, a pain, but beats using a chain saw.  One post mentioned last cut and dropping into the splitter.   Learn to use the clamp and that will NOT happen.   Its the learning curve we all go thru.
Ohio Certified Tree Farm

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