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Author Topic: New chainsaw abused by dealer: Is it possible to know if damage was done?  (Read 1875 times)

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Re: New chainsaw abused by dealer: Is it possible to know if damage was done?
« Reply #20 on: November 18, 2017, 05:46:28 PM »
Most of the time the carbon deposits are the result of the saw running rich or too much oil in the mix, your c-m model isn't going to be on the rich side of things. If you over oil your mix you can have other issues over time.

 Or leaving them idle too long.   Steve
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Re: New chainsaw abused by dealer: Is it possible to know if damage was done?
« Reply #21 on: November 21, 2017, 08:39:49 AM »
I open my saws when something goes wrong, have not had to
open one yet, or to clean them. It only takes one careless mistake
by someone to mess up the inside of an engine.
Sure, but I had heard that you should open them up at the beginning of every season to remove carbon deposits. Don the Small Engine Doctor is one of the guys recommending this on his YouTube channel. Check out 4:35 in this video:

If you wait until the saw doesn't work properly, it seems to me that you run a much higher risk of causing permanent damage. What kind of mistake would I have to make to damage it by inspecting the piston and exhaust port? Unless I did something really stupid, like spilling a cup of hot chocolate in there or something, I don't see how I could mess it up.  ;D The only warning I've seen (both the manual and forum/youtube advice), is that if you're scraping away carbon, make sure the piston closes the opening completely so that chunks of carbon don't fall into the cylinder.

My saw being almost new, it was of course not necessary to open it up, but I was curious to see what the piston would look like. I've been curious about the break in myths of engines since bought my first outboard, but they are not nearly as accessible as my chainsaw, so now I can't help myself, I have to experiment with it.  ;) This time, I intend to find out exactly what happens. I will not do anything special to break in my engine - will use it normally from day 1. After about 10 tanks of gas, I will do another pressure test, and take new pictures of the piston. Then, the next time someone asks how to break in their chainsaw or whatever, I should be able to back up my recommendation with data. Hopefully it will be a recommendation, and not a warning on what not to do. ;D
We have a 40 year old Stihl 041AV, never ever opened,
it still runs.
Not everyone can get oil mix and tuning right.

I just wonder what these Mtronic saws will look
like when they are opened, and where they will
be in 40 years time.

We could ensure plenty of fuel went into our old
non MT or AT saws, and that keeps them clean,
unless you over do it.
Too much oil in the mix will cause trouble, oil does not
burn clean like the gas/petrol content of the mix.

Its all in the tuning.

Regarding what could destroy the saw, how about someone
opening a door in a gust, and dust sitting around the saw
gets blown in there, ive seen it happen, simple thing,
Ive also seen dust falling of rags, the sleeves of boiler suit,
jumpers, hats, hair etc, and landing on bearing surfaces,
I just happen to have extreemely good vision, others standing there
did not see what I did, but a crankshaft that looked like it was roled
around in barbed wire opened their eyes whe they had to cut
it again and put in new bearings.

Regarding taking carbon off the port, I would have the piston down,
not closing the port.
Why, well its not the big bits that are going to get away on you,
its the smallest pieces of carbon that are going to get trapped
between the piston and cylinder, and completely destroy it.

It is much easier to order a new gasket and take the barell off
if tou need to clean carbon or gunk from the ports.
Or keep the piston ring just levell with the bottom of the port,
and use a hoover as you loosen carbon or gunge with something
made of plastic, not steel, this way all that destructive dust can
be sucked out.

Offline zoltar

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Re: New chainsaw abused by dealer: Is it possible to know if damage was done?
« Reply #22 on: November 21, 2017, 10:57:53 AM »
Sounds like a small engine mechanic's workshop needs to look like this:

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