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  • Board Foot-Lumber

  • Board Foot-Log

  • Board Foot-Tree

  • Value:
  • Log Value

  • Tree Value

  • Whack-O-Logs

  • Saw Log Value
    Comparison Calculator

  • Weight:
  • Log Weight

  • Lumber/Log Weight

  • Various Calcs
  • Tree Spacing

  • Line Pull

  • Log Size for Cant

  • Don P's Forestry Forum Calcs

    Construction Calculators
    Cost Estimate Calculator
    Beam and Column Calculators
    Slab Volume Calculator
    Pier Volume Calculator
    Hip/Valley Sizing Chart
    Rafter Length Calculator
    Machinery Calculators
    Pulley Calculator
    Bandspeed Calculator
    Blower Calculator
    Electric Motor Horsepower Calculator
    Voltage Drop Calculator
    Log and Lumber Calculators
    Tree Tipping Calculator
    Tree Height Calculator
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