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General Board / we rescued a brittany

« Last post by glassman_48 on Today at 10:05:36 PM »
When I was a young man (25 years old) I got a young brittany puppy, I would leave him on an outside run during the day, and would work next door to my house building furniture for my brother.  He got off his run and ran out in the road and got killed.  I never went hunting again after that for almost 40 years.  Last year I bought a shotgun and found a guy that has 2 brittanies and he is a fishing guide also.  He and I hunted last fall, and last winter and had a blast.  I told my wife that I might consider getting another brittany someday (just thinking out loud) My wife is a dog lover, she goes into craiglist pet section every day. That next morning our rescue dog was on craiglist, and the only brittany my wife has ever seen on craiglist, he was a registered brittany and the couple had moved into a condo and could not keep him any longer.  I eventually found out our dog was bred by one of the top brittany breeders in the u.s. he lives less than 2 miles from me.  When we got our rescue dog, he weighed 69 pounds. (they are supposed to weigh around 40 pounds) We rescued him in November, and my wife walked that dog everyday, we finally got him on a training collar a couple months later and let him run, he is down to about 45 pounds now. The breeder helped me all spring and summer training him with quail.  Opening day "cash" found and or pointed 8 ruffed grouse and 1 woodcock.  Last sunday we got our first woodcock together ( I missed a lot of grouse and woodcock in between opening day and Sunday) today we got our limit of woodcock.  This dog amazes me, he gets better every time he goes out, figures things out quickly, uses the wind, he even comes back when I call him :laugh: We have 2 other havanese dogs which are about 12 pounds.  Cash has really found a home with us, the other couple just could not give him the time and exercise he needed.  Every day that dog lets us know how happy he is living with us.  If I could figure out how to post a picture I would.  I am just happy to be outside again, and I really don't care about shooting birds as much as just watching him run.  When I grab the "gun bag" with collars etc. he flies off the couch runs into the door with his nose to open it and gallops outside and runs around the house a few times, and literally will start quivering with excitement when we get to the hunting area. The little dogs play with him all the time, they sleep together, nap together and he has fit right in.  I just wanted to share this, I cannot believe how lucky my wife and I are to have these dogs in our life. 
Chainsaws / Re: Oil leaking around chain pulley cover

« Last post by Mad Professor on Today at 10:04:43 PM »
What do you mean by pulley cover?  The cover that holds the bar on , or the one which covers the clutch assy?

If you take the bar off does it oil normally from the orifice in the case which feeds the bar?  Is the hole in the bar clogged with crud?

If oil is coming from the cover for the oil pump/clutch then the pump is leaking.

P.S. do you have an IPL for the saw?
Chainsaws / Re: Stihl MS261 no spark

« Last post by farmfromkansas on Today at 10:03:11 PM »
Had to replace the flywheel on a lawnmower engine once, had no spark, magnet must have been weak.
General Board / Re: DANG Chinese Carburetors

« Last post by Bill Gaiche on Today at 09:51:46 PM »
Not sure about the fuel you are using. Is it possible that there may be to much alcohol in your fuel and its attacking the plastic in the carb and rubber line? Race engines that run straight alcohol have to be drained after week end racing because it really messes up fuel lines. Old carburetors don't have the new materials like diaphragms and such to resist the alcohol in our ethanol based fuel we get now. bg
Chainsaws / Re: Stihl MS261 no spark

« Last post by Mad Professor on Today at 09:48:59 PM »
Does the coil itself have continuity to the cylinder?  That is coil body where it bolts up.
The Outdoor Board / Re: Apples or carrots whats your deer eating?

« Last post by LaneC on Today at 09:47:39 PM »
  Around here they eat arrows and lead :D :D :D
Health and Safety / Re: "Killer" Bees

« Last post by LaneC on Today at 09:43:47 PM »
  Yep, they supposedly associate dark colors as a threat. I always assumed this is why the bee suits are white. They will eat you up on occasions however. I have found that if it is windy, overcast or about to rain, they get really ticked off.
General Board / Re: Autumn Leaves

« Last post by Resonator on Today at 09:43:11 PM »
Beautiful! That 2nd picture looks good enough to frame!
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Video of my slabber.

« Last post by D6c on Today at 09:41:55 PM »
Nice build.... I'm wondering if something like that could work for milling slabs flat after drying.  Instead the chainsaw, mount a carrier for a router that would travel lengthwise and step over to mill a flat surface.
Timber Framing/Log construction / Re: WOOD GARAGE FLOOR

« Last post by Al_Smith on Today at 09:32:32 PM »
Rerod wouldn't be that bad depending on where you buy it and the size .Forms are just 2 by 4's or 2 by 6 depending .

Just for general info those block floors from old time machine shops are treated placed either over concrete or hard tamped sand base .If water gets to them they swell up like a poisoned pup and literally explode out of the floor .I've seen it happen .The only reason they were ever installed was for ease of moving machinery like automotive assembley lines which used to change about every 5 years .They went the way of the passenger pigeon .After they disappeared it became mill pavers over concrete bedded  in sand . 
General Board / Re: Autumn Leaves

« Last post by Hilltop366 on Today at 09:30:24 PM »
Spent some time at the camp on thanksgiving weekend and took a few pictures on a canoe paddle up the river.




Sawmills and Milling / Re: 2005 lt40

« Last post by PAmizerman on Today at 09:28:34 PM »
Save your money and get hydraulics and some form of setworks. Accuset 2 is definitely better!!
Consider ball screws to raise and lower the head instead of chain or cable and winches.  The screw itself will lift huge amounts of weight with relatively small input torque, those reducing the size and expense of the motor(s) youll need to buy for the job.

Huge CNC machining centers pretty much always use ballscrews.
similar to a acme rod, only, from what I'm gathering, a smaller lead screw can be used due to the way the system works in holding power, compared to a acme rod & nut
The Outdoor Board / Re: Apples or carrots whats your deer eating?

« Last post by WV Sawmiller on Today at 09:22:55 PM »
   With corn on the cob squirrels may carry it off and the deer don't get to it. The bane of my existence are doves which land in droves and clean up the corn from my feeders before the deer get it unless I feed at night which does me no good. I tried plastic hawks and owls with no luck so I keep slingshots and marbles/steel balls in both shooting houses. Used one to chase off an old sow bear a couple years ago who climbed an adjacent little hickory tree and was getting into my feeder. I don't hunt them and she had cubs but I did not want her tearing up my feeder. A well placed marble worked fine.
Sawmills and Milling / belsaw v belts

« Last post by doyle on Today at 09:21:04 PM »
I recently bought a belsaw sawmill   I did not get the 2 v belts for the carriage drive. any one know numbers for those belts? thanks, cliff
Chainsaws / Re: Stihl MS261 no spark

« Last post by Chefblair on Today at 09:20:48 PM »
Make sure the new coil is good by measuring resistance with multimer and comparing to manufactured specs. Usually around 225 ohms. 
Sawmills and Milling / Re: New EZ Boardwalk Jr not cutting straight

« Last post by Skipper11A on Today at 09:19:32 PM »
You mentioned you left everything at factory settings, I think you have roller guides, check and make sure you have 1/4" down pressure. Sometime they get out of the factory not quite right.  Also get some 4 degree blade , 10 degree will cut straight but a slower feed rate.  Steve
Ladylake's advice is for Timberking and Woodmizer mills.  Do not do this with the EZ Boardwalk because it is designed to have no down pressure from the roller guides.  The roller guides will only come into play when the blade begins to deflect in the cut.  Don't change the factory settings because that's not your issue,  your issue is finding the correct blade angle... and you just need a lot more experience actually cutting wood. 

Another issue you may have to watch for is pitch building up on your blades, that would also not be a good thing but I haven't heard you mention that yet.
General Board / Re: The weather

« Last post by chevytaHOE5674 on Today at 09:11:46 PM »
More cold, snow, and wind here.

Heard on the radio we have had measurable precipitation for the last 22 days straight. And that streek is still going.
Don - reading the first sentence of your post I was really wondering where you were going with that.  I could see chickens as bear bait - but deer?? :D
Forestry and Logging / Re: Daily Fabrication Thread

« Last post by Oliver05262 on Today at 09:10:52 PM »
  Now I remember what it was like with shortwood pulp, but if this is the way I get wood to fill the shed, I'll get through it. Couple more loads like this and I'll have next years shop heat in the woodshed. 
  Tree guy clearing a lot for a house bucked it up and left it for me to load and haul home.

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