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Sawmills and Milling / Re: Deposit lt35 or wait a month lt40 wide

« Last post by YellowHammer on Today at 07:10:28 AM »
 smiley_thumbsup smiley_thumbsup smiley_thumbsup
LT40 is a great mill.  
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Woodmizer blades vs. Cook's blades

« Last post by YellowHammer on Today at 07:07:36 AM »
WM bands will keep the LT15 sawing straight.  

I seem to remember somewhere well under 200 bdft per hour for 4/4 boards with mine, and not unusual to get 100 bdft/hr at the end of the day as I wore down.  I edged on the mill, so that slowed things down a bit, also.  However, the mill cut extremely straight lumber. 

I remember many years ago they did a sawmill shootout and hit 1,150 bdft per hour, two guys, for one hour.  They were dead beat afterword, and needed some Dew.
Sawmills and Milling / Re: New Blade Design for Baker Twin Blade Edger

« Last post by ellmoe on Today at 06:45:39 AM »
  Does the WM blade have the bolt holes?
No. As I recall , they have a key way.
General Board / Re: The weather 2019

« Last post by SwampDonkey on Today at 06:43:35 AM »
Just fog most of the night here and still fog.

Forestry and Logging / Re: Winch for Case 850D

« Last post by Oliver05262 on Today at 06:39:04 AM »
There is a CASE 850D with a winch on Vermont Craig’s right now, but it is no parts machine. Says he just put money in the winch. Just passing this along. He is asking full boat retail for it.
General Board / Re: Maple Syrup 2019

« Last post by SwampDonkey on Today at 06:28:55 AM »
I would imagine they are still at it in Juniper area and Edmundston area because it is colder there than here and deeper snow. We'll be farming here and still snow out there 2 weeks later.

I looked out the window this morning on the north side of the house, still lots of white in the field. Looking out the south end and she's pretty much bare. Just depends on where you want to look. :D



And lots of fog.
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Cut rates for LT15

« Last post by Nomad on Today at 06:23:42 AM »
Trying to get an idea of bf per hr. on LT15 with power feed, one man.
    You'd need to narrow that down some.  What kind of wood?  Size of the logs?  Are the logs clean?  Mill layout?  What are you cutting?  (Railroad ties, 1x10, etc.)  All those factors are going to make a much bigger difference than the brand of band you're using.
Chainsaws / Re: Clearing Saws

« Last post by SwampDonkey on Today at 06:18:24 AM »
Like John said, in woody stems, the Maxi blade requires less physical effort by the operator. No flailing around with the saw like a sythe. The triblade may work well enough in new growth before it hardens off. Hazel gets hard. We have it here (beaked and witch) sometimes under hardwood or aspen. Up here the mills categorize hardwood as maple, ironwood, oak, beech, birch. Aspen and poplar (Both populus) is categorized by itself because it is soft. It is never mixed in hardwood on truck loads of pulp. Some mills even separate the birch.
Sawmills and Milling / Sold my mill

« Last post by ozarkgem on Today at 06:06:39 AM »
Been a while since I have been on here. Sold my mill in Jan. I still have all
my stuff accumulated to build a diesel portable mill. Spent the last 2 summers
in Alaska and will leave on May 1 to go back up. My girl friend has some property just north of Homer so maybe I will haul my mill (once its built) up
and saw up a cabin. I see quite a few portable mills there. I stopped at a place
in Anchorage and they wanted to know if I had a portable mill as they had a pile of logs to mill on there lot. Their mill was at a different location and they needed help. I saw a few ads for portable milling at the rate of 150.00 per hr.
Figured I could saw up my cabin and sell my mill and have a free cabin. But this summer I will be in Whittier (AK) driving a tour bus and scoping out property.
Sawmills and Milling / Re: trailer decking

« Last post by dcress on Today at 01:54:02 AM »
Just started milling new float deck boards yesterday. Birch 2-1/2" to 2-1/4" x 7-1/2" to 9-1/2". New float has oak decking. Never seen anyone use birch but from experience it should do well.
Chainsaws / Re: Clearing Saws

« Last post by Allar on Today at 01:51:00 AM »
Well i use it to clear hazelnut and aspen brush around planted trees. First time before planting i had to use maxi blade but because i clear the brush every year, i can use the triangle blade now.

Hazelnut grows so *DanG fast, with in a year it'll be over my head.

Drying and Processing / Re: MD918 Moisture meter

« Last post by Crookedkut on Today at 01:44:32 AM »
Sorry guys I lost you with all your SC and MC percentages.  hahaha 
Forestry and Logging / Re: Problems with m Fabtek 4 Roller

« Last post by dcress on Today at 01:12:53 AM »
Joystick button switches is the easiest and cheapest thing to cross off the list. For what its worth might as well change them all if it is the problem.
Sawmills and Milling / Re: 1990 LT40 HD

« Last post by Hondaxr on Today at 12:11:12 AM »
Wood mizer got me on track.  Wondering now if I can cut with the 1 1/2 blade or if I need to stick with the 1 1/4.
Chainsaws / Re: PP4218a new sprocket ideas.

« Last post by dougand3 on Yesterday at 11:41:49 PM »
Agree with lxskllr - get a bigger saw.
There is 3/8LP (or picco) on 42cc and smaller saws. .325 on 45cc-55cc saws. 3/8 on 56cc and larger. Some variations exist.
A 42cc Poulan barely pulls 3/8LP on an 18" bar. 14" is much better. .325 on 42cc will be a real dog.
I have Poulan 36cc and 42cc limbing saws, pulling 14". I use Oregon 91VXL chain w/o shark fin bumpers. They are great in that application.
Sawmills and Milling / Re: New Blade Design for Baker Twin Blade Edger

« Last post by YellowHammer on Yesterday at 11:37:51 PM »
Why couldn’t you get Sharp to build one? Unless there was a design issue, Sharp could do it.  They certainly have the capabilty, just whether they would or not.  Does the WM blade have the bolt holes?
General Woodworking / Re: Changing planer head inserts

« Last post by YellowHammer on Yesterday at 11:34:49 PM »
Some of the Byrds actually have a little bird symbol in one corner. 
I think with 99.87342% certainty MikeySP is getting the hang of this stuff.
Sawmills and Milling / Re: How to charge for chainsaw milling

« Last post by YellowHammer on Yesterday at 11:05:49 PM »
I've still got my old CSM and remember the joy...

I'd not charge by the hour because I would be taking rest breaks and wouldn't want a landowner telling me to hurry up.

I'd not charge by the bdft because it cause the customer to faint and would end up at $3SGU's per bdft. :D :D :D

I'd might charge by the square foot, hadn't thought of him.

I'd probably take a swag and charge by the job, and it wouldn't be cheap. :D  

General Board / Ancient Barberchairs

« Last post by Darrel on Yesterday at 11:00:59 PM »
I was out roaming around in the National Forest this afternoon and found these about 20' apart. 

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