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Title: Husky and the 359
Post by: edge on October 31, 2004, 07:31:13 AM
I'm new to the forum, been reading a lot and you all have a ton of good info. here!  I was recently in the market for a new saw, and was of course looking at the Stihl and Husky lines.  I wanted to post my buying experience in hopes that it may help others out and I also wanted some feedback on my choice.

I'm looking to run a saw in the 57-61cc range with an 18 inch bar and 3/8" chain.  Although they are close, I prefer to pay some extra bucks to go with the pro-grade saws vs. the standard-grade for a tad better construction and power/weight ratio.

I went with the Husky 359.  In talking to dealers and doing some homework, I narrowed it down like this:

Stihl 260 Pro
Great pro-grade saw but a tad small for what I need.

Stihl 270, 280
Standard-grade saws, probably a bit small to pull a 3/8" chain around an 18" bar.

Stihl 290, 310
Standard-grade saws that would get the job done, but they are both bulkier and heavier than the Husky 359 and Stihl 360/361.

Husky 357 XP
Although the Husky XP saws are great pro-grade saws, I eliminated them since they are higher RPM saws.  I wanted something a little more forgiving with a wider power band.

Husky 365
Pro-grade saw with a wider power band than the XP series saws, but this saw at 65cc was bigger than the range I was looking at.

 This left me with my top three choices:
Stihl 360/, excellent specs and reviews
Husky, wider power band than 357XP
Husky 55 Rancher....standard grade, wider power band than 357XP

Although a classic, I eliminated the 55 Rancher for the newer technology and slightly better power of the 359 and 360/361.
Down to the final two, the Husky 359 and the Stihl 360/361.  Both are pro-grade saws that would fit my needs pefectly.  It was pretty much a toss up but I went with the Husky 359 for these reasons:
- better carb adjustment on the Husky (has high, low, and idle speed jet adjustment)
- heard good things about Husky's air cleaning system
- the 359 was about $120 less expensive than the 360/361

Any comments or feedback on the Husky 359?  Anybody out there running is it going?  
Title: Re: Husky and the 359
Post by: jokers on October 31, 2004, 07:56:15 AM

I think that your evaluation and final decision were very sensible, it`s quite possibly the same conclusion that I would have come to if I were looking for one "do it all" saw.

I have one final criteria that I add to the equation, that is highest power to weight ratio. Given that the 357 and 361 have more power for the same weight, I`d go that way first. but it neglects the very important aspect of budget.

FWIW, I`ve got all three of these models in my stable and find them all to be excellent examples of the finest saws made today.

Title: Re: Husky and the 359
Post by: DanManofStihl on October 31, 2004, 10:52:05 AM
I have a 036 stihl chainsaw that is in good condition that I love it runs very well. It has never left me out in the woods so I am very happy with it.
Title: Re: Husky and the 359
Post by: rahtreelimbs on October 31, 2004, 07:48:19 PM
Comparing an 036 to the new 361 is like comparing Pee Wee Herman to Mike Tyson. The 036 are and always will be a lesser grade of saw simply because they lack any real good low-end. The 361 on the other hand has good power everywhere.

I have a stock 359 and a modded 357. I really like the 359. It can be had for a good price and will run a 20" bar very well!