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Post by: oakiemac on September 12, 2017, 08:45:41 PM
I have an older (1980's?) 36" wide belt sander that I no longer use. I bought a new Timesaver so I'd like to clear the space.
It is 3 phase, wired for 230vac but can be wired for 480. I believe the motor is 15hp.
The contact drum needs to be dressed or refinished but still works good on narrower stock like up to 15" after that it can make a grooved surface on the right side. I've been told that you can dress the drum by running plywood with sandpaper glued to it through the machine. Have not tried that.
The conveyor belt is in good to fair shape. It also has a finishing platen that I have never used.

It aslo has numerous small pneumatic leaks. I have replaced the bearings on the contact drum, pneumatic solenoid, and the photo eye. This machine is not perfect, it needs some TLC but with some body that has the time do go over everything it could make a great sander. With this in mind I'm only asking $1575
Pictures can be sent if you pm me here with your email. Located Decatur Michigan which is about 35 miles west of kalamazoo. You can email me at

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