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Title: Update on hm130
Post by: Novascotiamill on December 03, 2017, 10:05:03 AM
 Hello all just thought I give you a brief update on the progress Iíve had with my Woodland mills hm130when I first got it I reported some problems with the blade popping off this was rectified with fine-tuning and patients in cleaning all the excess oil off of the new blades that in combination with too much soapy water dripping on the blade was causing them to hydroplane off of the bandwheel,problem fixed
   Since then I had no trouble with the blades and have been enjoying my mill.
 The last log   I  milled was a 9 foot Hemlock 23 inches at the  small and the other end had quite a bit of swell and I had to do some trimming with the chainsaw to get the  Mill to pass through it .  I  used my new tractor to load the log on to the mill it was very heavy .  Fortunately my 6Ď5ď son was there when I   Milled the log so turning  it with two cant hooks was pretty easy
   Ive got about 12 of these hemlocks to saw once i figure out how to get them to my site. They are straight and clear and may exceed the 30 inch mark! Im sawing them for wharf deck near the saltwater,hope they hold up.

  On a final note im pulling the trigger on a grindlux sharpener and a second box of blades and 6ft track extension.merry christmas to me! Hope the sharpener works as advertised. Im sure ill have lots of questions for experienced users.

Title: Re: Update on hm130
Post by: jbjbuild on December 11, 2017, 03:31:02 PM
Sounds good! Hoping to get mine setup this weekend.