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Supersharp Blades are great


I have been using your Supersharp blades lately with great success.  Even with my wide cutting saw and relatively low horsepower they work extremely well.

mine should be here any day. i am wanting to give them a test.

I had and ran the SS's for a while now, and really like them, mine were sent 6 degree with a note in the box that I could sharpen them to the 8 degree and a few other instructions
The key thing about the SS is that they made the tooth taller and make a crisper tip to the tooth which in turn deepened the gullet to carry away the saw dust.

I still have alot to learn about blades (and sawing in general for that matter) and I didn't really pay much attention to the angle, tip or gullet.  I did pay attention to the fact that they cut longer before dulling.  Now I really didn't keep up with bf.  And i do intend to measure the difference (someday).  They truly just cut better than my old blades that I also bought from Cooks. Glad its not just me. Try em. 8)

Fishfarmer...I agree. Supersharps are great. even though I don't have the HP to take full advantage of the blades capability, I still enjoy faster cutting and longer duty cycles between sharpenings. Their achilles heel is dirty logs.  tips tear up alot when cutting through mud and grit. So I have fixed the problem by not continuing to saw through mud and grit. instead, I take a few minutes and power wash the logs on deck before I start sawing. 1-2 blades gets me though a full day of sawing. 8) 8) you sharpen your own blades or do you send them out to Cooks?


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