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New Wood-Mizer Animated Video - From Tree to Treehouse


When lighting strikes a tree, a father and son salvage the wood to build a treehouse. 

Check out Wood-Mizer's new animated short video below and let us know what you think!

Wood-Mizer has partnered with the Forever Forest exhibit in order to educate children where wood comes from and present the entire process from tree, to sawmill, to finished woodworking project. Forever Forest is the the first national exhibition tour in the United States dedicated to teaching the importance of forests and their connections to our everyday lives.

For more information and tour dates, visit

I loved the idea because planting seeds and ideas in young minds is part of the heritage responsibility that we all have.  Without doing so we risk loosing everything.

That reminded me of a short clip made for the American Forestry Assn by my late Friend, Paul Ott.


I like it, simple and easily relatable

Looks like a good video for an exhibit.  Long enough to be interesting but not too long in order to keep the group moving.


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