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Shaper bits (gone)


I was given these bits, they have surface rust and are 1/2" shaft. I don't know what all the spare parts are but everything in the pic will be included except the board. My shaper is 3/4" so I cannot use them. I would let someone have them for a donation to the FF. I'm thinking $ 25 to the Forum + you pay the shipping. I think they will all fit in a flat rate box so $ 10 for shipping in the continental US.


There are 18 bits plus the other little pieces. I put some Blue Creeper on them to stop the rust from getting worse. (Actually Rust Reaper sense I still haven't used it up!)

I have an old Craftsman shaper an old guy gave me because I brought him 4 trailer loads of firewood.  He didn't even know if the motor would work and I haven't tried it, but I'm going to check and see the shaft size.  he didn't have any bits except the one that was on it.

are they usable as they sit are will they need re sharping , if you were closer I could cut the long beam you are looking for ,Mississippi is a long way to travel for one beam

I don't know if they need to be sharpened, I cannot try them as I have nothing to run them on. The rust seems minimal, I think they would cut ok but honestly don't know.


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