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Feel Iíve made a mistake

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Iíve been trying for for years to have someone cut wood on my land. 7 years ago I had Someone from our province of New Brunswick come and do up a wood lot management plan for the property. I was totally impressed with the plan and wanted to proceed. Years passed and I couldnít seem to get anyone from the province to move on it so I gave up and figured Iíd manage it in my own since I had the plan. I reached out to a friend who was in the business. He was too busy but passed my name on to his friend who came and cruised the property and said heíd like the job. I gave him the plan and said I wanted to follow it as best we can. So thatís the background. I need to tell you all that I am pretty meek and mild by nature. Donít like conflict,etc.
So this guy showed up a week and a half ago with a harvester and a huge 8 wheeled porter and proceeded to strip our forest. My wife and I are devastated. This is our greatest joy in life. Walking the family and dogs through the woods. We werenít doing this for the money. We just wanted to be good responsible land owners. We want this land to be enjoyed by our family for years to come. I donít blame this guy at all. He seems like a good guy. But Iíve called a meeting to get an update so he can show me how he is following the plan. But Iím new to all this. What specifically do I need to ask him. I know there are areas on the plan that called for thinning only. How can you thin with this harvester?  Itís like a transformer!
Here is what he offered btw.
23$ logs
21$ studs
5$ pulp
8$ birch
8$ popular
25$ per cord of hardwood.
But like I said. Itís not about the money. Hope you all can give me some advice in a hurry. Meeting soon.

petefrom bearswamp:
Yup you made a bad mistake.
Dont know how you can solve it.

doc henderson:
Wbrent sorry to hear about your experience.

Southside logger:
Do you have a written contract with the harvester?  Do you have access to a  forester who could come in, read your plan, evaluate what has been harvested so far and give an opinion as to what has been done compared to what is planned?  

Not defending or accusing anyone here since we don't have any details but I will say that at some parts during a harvest things can look ugly before clean up has been done.  No decent logger will have a problem walking you through the harvest and explaining what he is doing.  

Good luck and keep us posted on how things go. 

How many acres are involved?


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