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Author Topic: New to wood burning have some issues and some questions  (Read 346 times)

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New to wood burning have some issues and some questions
« on: January 30, 2019, 06:01:57 AM »
So im new to burning wood, i bought a cheap used woodmaster 434 and installed it myself, put in foam filled 1" pex only about 24" deep due to very high water table and a 18x18 water to air heat exchanger in the furnace. 

So a few questions
1. i replaced the missing pump with a Taco 007-F5 the round trip with very little head is 220 ish feet, the exchanger i believe called for 12 gpm for 130k btu. I dont think im getting the water to the exchanger fast enough to get enough heat out. Thoughts?

2. I have huge extremes from damper closed and un burned wood in box at 10 hours and under water temp to damper open and all wood burned up in 6 hours and at or under water temp. i just cant seem to win, previous owner left some wood a mix of dry soft wood and some dry red oak and ive cut and mix some dead pine with green locus, cottonwood,maple wood, as well as some downed popular wood and anything else laying dead im taking from the property. Its currently -25 and i burned a full load in 6 hours was at temp, reloaded and 1 hour later water temp went from 180 to 150. Im gone during the day for 10 hours and its a crap shoot if i come home to at temp water and if not its a all night affair to get back up. Ive checked my outgoing water at previous setting of 170 at the burner and return of 150 at the burner. When i check at the copper pipes of the heat exchanger i had 130 in and 115 out. So 5 degree loss there and back and 15 degree used. Does that seem in line?

3. Anything over 170 water temp i hear the boiler burping i assume thats normal? I also see steam coming out the fill tube over 170.I was running 170 temp but since it got cold below zero i wasnt getting enough heat so i bumped it up to 180 and i dont think that temp is high enough yet. what temp can a guy go to and be safe? Last weekend at -15 i had to turn the propane furnace on cause the temperature in house kept dropping and the boiler wouldnt get above 150. the propane furnace was putting out 150 degree air at the 1st vent, right now the wood heat at 180 water temp is putting out 125 degree air at the 1st vent. it took less than a hour to go from 66 to 73 with propane, the wood seems to barely maintain 73. Currently -25 and ive gone from 73 to 71 in the house furnace has run non stop for 20 ish hours.

4. what size blower fan is recommended? The unit i bought was over heating when i 1st got it going, it didnt didn't have a flapper and solenoid on the fan and was sucking air into the fire all the time. So i bought a flapper and solenoid and installed it to the current fan and have had no issue with overheating since. But wonder if the fan is wrong size and some of my issues? The current fan is a Dayton 1TDP1

I know long winded post but any advise/help appreciated

Offline ButchC

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Re: New to wood burning have some issues and some questions
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2019, 06:48:00 AM »
 Checking to see if you have enough pump flow is as easy as setting your house thermostat high enough that the fan runs, wait about 5 minutes and feel the lines going into and out of the heat exchanger.  I don't have an exact number of degrees to give you but if you feel a dramatic drop you have flow issues. If I go back and forth feeling mine I can detect a small difference.
 I don't have a total head figure for my system but the distance from furnace to house is 250 feet and level terrain. I am running a 011 pump.
I am,running the thermopex that CB sells and have checked the drop from furnace to the house with a digital heat gun and near as I can tell about 2 degrees.
Not familiar with a 434, I have a 4400 and heating a very large old farm house. Above 35 loading is once a day. At zero a full load over night and half to 2 thirds during the day depending on wind.
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Offline Arctiva

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Re: New to wood burning have some issues and some questions
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2019, 09:14:43 AM »
pipes in and out will both burn your hand, i notice very little difference. ive got a digital thermometer also its about a 15 degree difference between in and out. And ive measured about a 5 degree drop there and back figuring in the used 15 degree for a total 20 degree drop there and back. I loaded at 8 pm last night at 230 this morning and wood was about gone at 730 this morning. So 5-6 hours to a load right now. my furnace fan hasn't shut off in 24+hours and ive lost 5 degrees in the house temperature. From what ive read a 20 degree drop isnt that bad

while running the propane the other day the air is way hotter than using the wood. Which tells me im not getting hot enough air from the water to heat the house. 

So i assume under/over sized heat exchanger or under/over sized pump. 

house is 130 year old 2 story brick house, with addition. Addition has wall and attic insulation, no wall or attic insulation in main part and the upstairs is currently gutted to studs and rafters with windows covered with Styrofoam. Crawl space is insulated and quite warm from leaky ducts i assume.

I know im battling a uphill fight 

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