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Homemade crawler

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bill rake sells plans for a mini dozer. His plans are based on a very old design that the forestry used alot back in the 40's I think. I found info myself by looking up "mini dozer" on google and followed a few of those forum links. I did see a couple photos of tracked mini dozers using tractor treads.

heres a link showing a little dozer, its not what your looking for but its a diy design based on an older design that used tracker tire tracks.

Back when youcould still get the half tracks for your farm tractor several people  built a doodle bug. It was usualy a model A ford with two transmisions and a truck rear end. the steel track were put around the front and rear tiresand seperate brakes on each side . Often the rear tires had tire chains to keep them from slipping on the steel tracks. With the tire track use two donut spares with a space between them then bolt a tapered block to the track to keep them in line. T%he front axle was sometimes boxed with a coil spring from a car to put tension on the tracks.         

ahh I have a correction. Those mini dozer's where popular and sold around the mid 60's, many where powered with a Wisconsin single or double cylinder

Red Green made one up at Possum Lodge one time.  I'll see when it comes on again in re-runs and make sure I tape it.  I think it involved and Eldorado and several pieces of snow fence.   :D

Musta involved duct tape too ??? eh?


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