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bd ft to ton conversion chart.

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i was wondering about that, i just burned up a perfectly good calculator this afternoon :-[. all i could gather was 3000 lbs of white pine was 1000 bd ft and with the prices at the mill of 22 cents a bd ft on pine it just does not make sense to me. i figured it out that 666 bd ft was in one ton of white pine,but at the other mill they pay54 dollars a ton for pine. if you scale the same load you would recieve 146.52 dollars for the pine. something is not computing for me. ::)

There are charts showing the weight of specific woods per board foot. Just multiply x 2000. I have seen the charts but don't know where they are. Put Doc to work over at the Woob Web Forum.

In the back of the NHLA  grade book is conversion chart for tons to mbf for differant hard wood species.

What type of wood are you wanting to convert? The price you mentioned ($54/ton) sounds like a Southern Yellow Pine small sawlog price. Using Doyle with an average small end diameter of about 10" on 16' logs you will run about 10 tons per thousand, but this ratio will change a lot given bigger or smaller logs (16" - 16' logs will run about 6 tons mbf Doyle). A lot of the mills in your area convert SYP at 3.59 tons/cunit (a cunit is a 100 CF). Yield out of a 100 CF of SYP logs will be about 800 BF (cutting 8/4" dimension), so the mill would recover roughly 222 BF of lumber out of a ton of logs. At 10 tons/mbf Doyle log volume, the logs would scale 100 BF per ton giving a 222% recovery in lumber BF. Assuming a lumber sales average of $350/mbf you would get $78 worth of lumber, about $9.40 worth of chips, and maybe $2.00 worth of sawdust and shavings out of that ton of logs ($89.40 in revenue). With a $159/mbf manufacturing cost lumber scale (89.40 - 54)/0.222), the mill would break even at $54/ton. If their manufacturing cost is less than $159/mbf; they make a profit.

If you are talking about something other than SYP small sawlogs and can give more specific information, i.e., species, average small end diameter (inside bark), I can get you much better information on the ton conversion.

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