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Hickman County TN does not allow samill (Green Lumber in cabin construction)

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You might want to check it out one more time, in Raleigh you can use lumber right off the sawmill as long as the lumber comes off of your property. Then you have to fill out a sheet stating that the inspectors are not responsible at the end.

i think that the building restrictions in hickman county have been brought on by newcomers from the northern cities that want to get rid of a lot of lower income residents. i understand there is a $1,500.00 building permit required for any building even a storage shed. there are severe restrictions on mobil homes. land prices are through the roof. i live in lewis county we border hickman county on the south and there are no building restrictions in the county unless you buy land with building restrictions imposed by the seller. on my land i can build anything i want and no building permits. no restrictions.

Greg Cook:

It's probably too late, but could it be an "agricultural" building? Say a potting shed, lambing barn, storage shed, garage, etc. Different codes apply than when building a "residential" structure. And I've seen several sawmill lumber homes in Hickman county, DanGed if they ain't some of the nicest looking one there, too!


My building inspector told me that I could use all of the rough cut I wanted as long as I pulled my own permit 8).  I hope that rule is in effect when I build my house. 

Porta mill:

I live in Pa and the restrictions for using rough cut are crazy you have to have it graded and dry to a specifis moisture content . if you want to use it for building a houes   you can use it to make an out building . I be t many of you live in houses that  were built out of rough cut   The house I grew up in is 135 years old and still standing .why not let a home owner do what they want to there own house .


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