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Ron Wenrich:
Here's the place for you foresters to strut your stuff.  We'd like to see who the foresters are, and what is their background.  We would like to see the following:

Years of experience:
Areas of expertise:

After that, you can add anything else you desire.  That can include your professional affiliations, schools you attended, professional courses you have taken, your home address.  Don't forget to link to your home site. 

Ron Wenrich:
Ron Wenrich

Degree:  BS in Forest Science, Penn State, 1970
Years of experience:  35
Areas of expertise:  Sawmill mgmt, fiber procurement, timber sale preparation, forest inventory and planning.  Primarily involved in hardwood forests and mills.

Past board member of the Pennsylvania Forestry Assn. 

Texas Ranger:
Degree:  BS in Forest Science, MU 1962  MBA 67 MU
Years of experience:  47
Areas of expertise:  All parts of a state forester for 13 years, fire, management, pest control, public information, etc.  The rest as a consulting forester, providing full service to clients from the individual to local, state, and federal clients.

Bill Crawford

Degree: B.Sc. Forestry, UNB Fredericton 1993

Continuing education courses: GIS in Forestry, BC Coastal Gully Assessments, Tolerant Hardwood Management in the NE, Tree Marking and Stand Improvement.

Years Experience: 15

Areas of Expertise: GIS/GPS, silviculture, timber appraisal and land valuation, harvest layout and supervision, small woodlot management and planning, forest products marketing.

Certifications: Registered BC Coastal Timber Cruiser #209.

Danny Hamsley

BS Forest Resources UGA 1977, MS Forest Soils UGA 1979.

Years of experience - 30

Expertise:  Wood procurement, Timber appraisal, Timber buying, Land Management, Forest soils, Tree and wood ID, Small mill sawmilling, woodworking.


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