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Skidsteer for loadin' logs and lumber?

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O.K. guys, how many of you use a skid steer such as a Bobcat to load your logs onto the mill and lumber onto the truck? Is a skidsteer a good choice or is the conventional forklift better?
I'm looking for all feedback so don't be shy. I have never operated a skidsteer so I'm looking for input. ???


The most important thing to look for is vertical lift, true vertical lift.

Most of the older units were and some new are radical lift. Radical lift is where the load moves forward as it raises. Very bad when loading trucks with lumber.

The load may be stable down low, but when raised to deck height the load may tip the skidsteer forward. :o

John Deere, New Holland are all vertical lift. Mustang, Bobcat and CAT offer both vertical and radial lift machines.

There is a big difference in visibility from one manufacture to another. What can you see out the back window? Can you see your back tires?

Also, get as much lift capacity as you can afford.  ;)
1850# is almost a minimum.

The FORDster not pullin' his weight at the mill? :(

A big new Skidsteer with a few accessories will cost 10 times what Mr. FORDster did.  

We are using a 743 bobcat to move stuff around the log yard. It is a little light for the job, but the price was right.

We mounted about an extra 250lbs on the back, So much so that if you try to drive it without any attachments on the front it wants to run on the back wheels.

A nice 7000lb forklift would be nice but there is so much more you can do with a skidsteer.

I'm using a case skid steer. It lifts more than you think it will. I could lift more if I would add more counter weights to the rear. You have to use good judgment with it when loading logs onto a trailer, always load on level ground or up hill. As far as using it to get logs out of the woods its not too good. There is no articulation or suspension so it doesn't like going over holes or ditches, and it doesn't have much ground clearance so it hangs up on stuff alot. As far as around the mill I know it will do good for me, although I just got my mill but I have used it alot in our excavation business so I'm pretty confident in it.

Just bought a John Deere 260 model. WORKS GREAT!!!...It's a 2001 with only 600 hrs on it. Has the weight package and can and has lifted 3000lbs. I REALLY like the thought that went into the designing of this skid steer...I have the forks and a bucket and both are serving me well....


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