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Bow saw competition

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mad murdock:
Does any of the Axe Women team members compete in a bow saw competition?  If so, what size saw do you compete with, and do you custom make your blades?

Have seen pics of them using crosscut saws, but not bow saws.

I have only competed a few times in bow saw. I don't enjoy it as much as most of the other events. But I know that several of my girls compete in it quite often. I will ask Laurette to answer this one!

mad murdock:
Since posting this query, i have searched for competition bow saw blades, and cannot find any readily. I am about to resign myself to the fact that if I want a longer (48"-60") bowsaw, i will have to fet my own piece of high carbon strap stock and cut and file my own blades. It can be done. Unless someone has a lead on where I can get longer blades.  The longest blades so far I can find are from sweden made by G-Man, and are 42" long.

petefrom bearswamp:
Have you checked with Sandvik?


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