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Author Topic: Protection in the woods  (Read 3401 times)

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Offline luvmexfood

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Re: Protection in the woods
« Reply #40 on: January 31, 2016, 08:57:11 AM »
One thing to be very very very sure of is "if" you decide to carry a pistol, get a single action revolver...not a dual ...

I wouldn't worry about that too much. Most (all?) modern revolvers both double-action and single-action incorporate a "transfer bar" safety system so that even if you pull the hammer back 99% of the way to "cock" and drop it, the gun won't go off unless the trigger is held rearward. (And in nearly all holsters, the trigger area is covered.) This also prevents them from going off if dropped on the hammer. Personally, if I wanted to carry something in the woods, it would either be a shotgun loaded with slugs and OOB, or a double-action revolver.

Straight on with the shotgun. Shorter one with a sling. And if it's thugs you encounter with one nothing gets attention like pumping a shotgun.

Had some thugs sitting down at the entrance to my driveway one night. Went to see what the dog was barking at. She had an alert bark when she gave something wasn't right. Anyway, shineing my flashlight around I shined it on them. One of them started cussing me. When I pumped the 12 gauge you would have thought they had rockets on their shoes.

Two of them were killed later after that in a pool hall. Seems like three of them jumped a one armed man and beat him. When he got loose he got a pistol from his house right next door and came back. Best I remember very light prison sentence for him.
Give me a new saw chain and I can find you a rock in a heartbeat.

Offline Artski

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Re: Protection in the woods
« Reply #41 on: January 31, 2016, 11:24:21 AM »
The company from which I retired would not allow firearms in the woods while working.  The alternative tool of choice was the bush hook:  handy for vines and brush and good for snakes.   If we had bears like those in Canada, I would want a bazooka!

This is the kind of thing I would be comfortable with, being in Canada handguns are pretty much out of the question and I don't want to be lugging around a long gun.

One guy was jogging near Banff a couple of years ago and got jumped by a cougar, he fought it off by sticking it in the face with a knife he had on his belt.

Offline Puffergas

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    • Puffergas
Re: Protection in the woods
« Reply #42 on: January 31, 2016, 12:46:59 PM »
Here's a video of a brush axe.

Somewhere 20 miles south of Lake Erie.

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Offline Quebecnewf

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Re: Protection in the woods
« Reply #43 on: February 04, 2016, 05:00:52 AM »
We had a lone wolf around our cabin a few days back. Followed around one our snowmobile tracks as we were checking our snares. Unusual for a wolf as they range around but do not follow around per say. Heard that a couple guys caught it in the open and killed it with snowmobile. I would not have done that my thought being its not hurting me why should I hurt it.

It turned out to be a small female which is very strange the lone ones are normally older males...

Offline Logger RK

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Re: Protection in the woods
« Reply #44 on: February 04, 2016, 06:21:27 AM »
Well if I'm on a escaped emu hunt I've found a Marlin 22 pump does a fine job(as previously stated on here somewhere)But also have a Savage model 99 lever action. Which of coarse my Boys think I should upgrade till when my one Son gets back from Marine basic training & we  do some target practice. We put empty barrels with one gallon plastic jugs filled with water. Starting at 100 yards & every 100 ending at 600 yard. The Marine Son I believe has a 300 mag win. Or 7mag. Not sure but the boys like the Big Guns. Anyways I come out with my old savage with one bullet. I say I'll go first to start this party. Coarse I went for the 600 yard & even surprised myself when it blew the water jug real good.(didn't let them know I was surprised) Son asked,u going 2 shoot again? Y is all I said. He did hit the 600 his second shot. :D I usually packing a pistol or 2 just incase. As previously stated,I think the 2 legged preditors r worse then then 4

Offline enigmaT120

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Re: Protection in the woods
« Reply #45 on: February 04, 2016, 03:40:04 PM »
I guess I just don't think the woods are dangerous.  I'm more likely to have a tree branch fall on me than be bothered by a bear or mountain lion. 
Ed Miller
Falls City, Or

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