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maple flats:
Nov. 15, 2018
Update, Since introducing bourbon barrel aged maple syrup to my product line, it has been my #1 selling item, with total unit sales slightly more than all of the other items combined. We have a winner here.
To place an order for Christmas, go to:   CNY Maple ? Delicious New York State maple syrup   and order by Dec. 12th. At this time I have a good supply and in about 3 weeks I will have my next batch ready, this time the batch will be 16 gallons total, to be sold in 200 ml and 375 ml bottles (6.76 fl oz and 12.7 fl oz.)

After selling my pure New York State maple syrup via the Forestry Forum for a few years, I've branched out to a new product. My first batch of bourbon barrel aged maple syrup will be ready soon. It is made by using a recently emptied bourbon barrel and packing hot maple syrup in it. Then after a few months the syrup draws some bourbon flavor from the charred oak in the barrel, while picking up only a trace of alcohol but always under 2%.
The first batch will be ready in early to mid August and will be ready for shipping soon after. The price is going to be $12.00 for a 200ml bottle (6.76 fl. oz.), plus shipping. As always, the FF will receive 5% of all sales from this listing, when ordering be sure to mention the Forestry Forum. I only ship within the lower 48 states at this time. See my web site: CNY Maple ? Delicious New York State maple syrup to place an order, or send me a P.M. thru the FF.
Supples will be limited, when all 3 current batches are ready, I'll only have about 400 bottles to sell.
I also still sell my pure NYS maple syrup too, prices are on the website.
Be sure to indicate the forestry forum for the question on how you found us when you order. My site is programed to keep a log of FF sales based on that answer. Then I send the 5% to Da Boss based on that.

maple flats:
I have now bottled my 1st batch of bourbon barrel aged maple syrup and I must say WOW. When I decided to try aging maple syrup in recently emptied oak barrels I had never even tasted any, but I had read plenty plus a friend had done it for 3 seasons with great results.
I've had great comments from everyone who has tried it too.
The taste seems to be a perfect blend between maple and bourbon with as the label states "less than 2% alcohol". I can see the 3 batches I made will not be my last.
Now available, Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup in 6.76 Fl. Oz. (200ml) glass bottles at $12.00 each. Sorry no discounts for multiple purchases and I fully expect to sell out. In fact I have very little left just from local sales of my first batch, and the second batch is being bottled early next week. My last batch for this year won't be ready until late Oct or November.
To order, email: or go to   You can order directly from the website. Remember to answer the "Where did you hear about us" survey at the bottom of the order page and click on "the Forestry Forum", that is how the FF gets their 5%.

maple flats:
beenthere, your shipment goes out today. Thanks for your order.

maple flats:
beenthere, it looks like your order should arrive today, USPS. When you use it, you need to realize you only need to use a little to get the full flavor, about half of what you would usually use if you put pure maple syrup on anything. The Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup has the perfect marriage of great maple taste and bourbon taste, all with little or no alcohol content.

that stuff is great my wifes uncle made it so I had to buy a bottle of it  digin_2 food6


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