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Skid loader grapple

Started by rs1626, January 30, 2018, 04:02:49 PM

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What is the best skid loader grapple for loading firewood and loading processor?

Bruno of NH

I have a sundown looks just like a frostbite
I move logs and load the mill with it
I do firewood now but no proccesor yet
It will pick up any size log and many with one pick
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I think forks with a top clamp is your best bet.
Too many irons in the fire


I agree with barbender. You can get alot more per trip on your log deck with forks. I've got a stump grapple, and a brush grapple, but use the forks for loading the processor. The grapples, you get a good mouthful of wood, let em loose on the log deck, and you've got pickup sticks all over. Unless you take a couple at a time. The forks as you dig into the log pile, line em up in a single row, full forkload, nice & flat on the deck. That's what works best for me
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I'm using this Martatch stone bucket with this grapple

This is on a 140 hp loader tractor. I can get 2-3 decent sized logs on it at a time but it also carries a lot of firewood at a time
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I have a set of pallet forks i can load processor with but i would like to find something to load firewood and the processor


In my opinion a top clamp is mandatory.  Could be on top of a set of forks but they are a lot less versatile than a grapple bucket.  I use an "E-Claw" bucket made by Eel River Steel. It's basically a tine bucket with top clamp. I can dream up lots of reasons to own various attachments  8) but the E-claw bucket is on the loader more than all the others combined.
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If you go to the brute force website that I own here you can see a picture of brute force log grapple, its similar to a frostbite grapple.  Brute force has a single back plate and it is bolted on not welded, the steel is very heavy 5/8 and 3/8.  If you bend the back plate you can just unbolt and get another one.  I have used the brute force, I have used a pallet with top clamp and just forks with nothing, I like the pallet with top clamp best overall because I can just unhook the top clamp and use as forks, we move a lot of pallets around.   My second choice is the grapple.


I ended up getting a tomahawk rock grapple bucket working out good so far


Quote from: rs1626 on January 30, 2018, 04:02:49 PM
What is the best skid loader grapple for loading firewood and loading processor?
Loading the processor is the easy part, the firewood is tough with a "root rake" or any other type of grapple. I don't think you'd be happy with a open floor grapple and you need 2 different attachments. I would think about a "rock" bucket for loading split firewood, they are designed to sift out rocks, they have a much closer spacing on the floor tines to allow for some cleaning or separation of the bark & chips where a typical rake/grapple will allow wood to drop through.


I made this for loading firewood, roughing dirtwork,  sifting out rock and leveling gravel like a land plane.  Eventually ill do a set of bolt on mesh side plates to hold more material and a rebar top clamp for rock shaking or brush piles.  

I use a stump grapple for logs, drainage trenching, stump digging and boulding picking. 

I do have forks but without a top clamp or ability to pinch bucked rounds in the "fingertips" i just dont use them too much outside of pallets.  

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I didnt wanna post this unless i was sure it worked half decent.  Finally wired today and its did way better than i expected. 

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