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Empyre Outdoor wood stove /Any outdoor boiler

Started by KamHillbilly, February 19, 2007, 09:03:56 PM

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Does any one have an Empyre Outdoor wood stove in the older version with 304 stainless for the fire box and mild steel on the outer jacket? If so have you had any troubles with the different rate of expansion cracking ,broken welds etc?
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         My neighbor has one, going on 17 years with stainless and regular steel, I've had a none stainless and my current one is a stainless 450 (10-12 yrs old ).   They all seem to suffer from cracks where the bottom tubes are welded to the wall ,at both ends. I have patched mine from the inside, but would have to cut out the outer tank wall ,to get at the old welds to fix  the problem.   I like these 450's ,they do the job .
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I came close to buying one 10 years ago but price scared me away. I also looked at the mild steel version, Cozyburn I think? At one time the same unit was built in three materials with three names.
I know of three Empyre OWBS  and every one of them has had cracks repaired in the bottom tubes, I guess it could be called an issue with them.
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