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Or would you just like to pull up a stump and visit with a friend?
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Hi everybody. Sorry to bother you with this.

I know i have seen this style of side plate with holes before. But can't quite remember where. I wonder if this is an old carco or hyster winch.

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I'm in western NC, one of the hard hit areas for Hemlock insect devastation. Most of the hemlock on my property is dead, probably several hundred trees but I still have some exceptional live ones left. I'm undecided on what to do, cut these trees and mill some nice lumber (my own mill so almost no cost), or leave them to reproduce. I do like Hemlock lumber, it's just barely behind WP on my favorites list. Read More

I have an opportunity to buy some red elm logs
Anyone sawn some before?
The goog the bad ?

Im trying to get back into logging. My dad shut his business down a few months ago and i tried to get out of it all together but as a 5th generation hardwood logger...Dang its hard to stay out of the woods. I have a Husqvarna 592 and know how to use it, other than that i have nothing logging related. Read More

Hello, I have in depth manuals for some Franklin Logging Equipment :-)

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