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Apple pie!

Started by Jim_Rogers, August 19, 2022, 01:18:01 PM

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My wife bought some apples for apple pie.
She was amazed at their size:


She had a hard time holding on to them to peel.

Jim Rogers 
PS. I'll have to let you know later on how the pie was/is.
Whatever you do, have fun doing it!
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Now you have my mouth watering! I'll have mine with ice cream please. 8)
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Must be an old line of apple someone keeps going. Our 'real' New Brunswicker apples where like that off the old trees until they got hit by the army worm and started dying off. Also the old 'Northern Greening'  tree up at the woodlot before the road crew pushed it over. ::) Also winter apples in the old orchard here were large, they were most likely cider apples. I've had some large yellow transparent, but all I get locally are small to medium, they are excellent pie apples. Eating some now in apple crumble, 'real' ice cream on top. ;D

The old people up here used to put a slice of good cheese on apple pie. ;D
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Raider Bill

A nice think chunk of extra sharp cheddar cheddar with mine please.
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Well, it came out of the oven nice:

Tastes good too.

Jim Rogers
Whatever you do, have fun doing it!
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Walnut Beast

I'm not a mouse 🐭. I'll take a scoop of ice cream 🍨 with 😂

Walnut Beast

Jonathan apples are amazing in a apple pie. Tart and when mixed with the sweetness in a apple pie it's perfect 


My wife use to make a pie that was about 2-3 inches deep. That was when I could eat a half a pie at one sitting.
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She used three of those four apples.
Lots in there.
Jim Rogers
Whatever you do, have fun doing it!
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The variety Wolf apple is very large as is the Winter Banana. Both are sold but used mostly as pollinators on an orchard. 
Apple pie: My wife & I went to a VA orchard once in the fall, it was near to well-known Mt Vernon, VA. These were apple experts who had many heirloom trees and a commercial cider mill and seminars for professionals and the regular public-like me. I attended one seminar where they passed apple samples around and discussed their attributes. I remember the presenter saying that the perfect apple pie had to contain 3 or 4 types from several varieties he mentioned. I've long forgotten the names. Cider is much the same and using one type gives you a sort of monotone flavor. 
When our 3 sons were still home, we made cider with my antique, two basket, cider press every fall. The best I ever made was after coming home from a New England fall vacation where I had 7-8 boxes full of mostly wild roadside apples from VT & NH. Here in KY you see very few bearing wild apple trees like up north. 
About 10 years ago I traveled to near Ballground, GA (N GA) where I bought a bunch of heirloom trees from a man who'd been a nursery owner for many years with a special interest in apples. One is my favorite apple-Cox's Orange Pippin. I also like the Golden Russet variety. They are nothing like a Golden delicious apple that has some russet, having far more flavor and unrelated.  
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My wolf river apple is doing well, but they won't be ready until first frost. They get bigger everyday. Yup, 3 apples make a pie! This tree has been flattened 3 times by bears in the days we were actively trying to attracr bears, but they have left it alone the last few years. It is still propped up.
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