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Home Link door openers?

Started by gspren, February 16, 2024, 07:29:09 PM

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Most people with a newer vehicle have 3 "Home Link" buttons to operate their garage doors and I use them, only problem is I wish I had 4 buttons. At my main residence I have 3 openers and I want them all to operate independently. At my vacation home 150 miles away I have one opener and now I keep an extra remote button in the SUV which admitingly isn't a big deal but could one of the built in Home Link buttons continue doing the house garage door in PA and also do the one in DE? I think I read that when you "link" a button to the door it changes something in the opener not the sender. Just a thought and with 150 miles seperation it's not easy to do a quick check. 
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Quote from: doc henderson on February 16, 2024, 07:55:31 PMone good way to find out! :usa:
Yes but it's over a 300 mile round trip that we only make about once a month.
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Going from a poor memory.

Most garage door openers (the motor part on the ceiling) have a learn button. Press the button and while the light is on press the button on the actual door opener. The motor controller will learn the code.

Having said that, there are many different types of garage door openers and they may operate differently.....or my memory may be faulty again. ffcheesy
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The car mirror buttons should learn from a remote.  Your opener learns the frequency from the remote.  Your car learns the freq from the remote.  You should be able to set each garage door up to use the same button on the remote.  Then set up the car to learn that freq.  I did similar for mine and my parents garage so that I could use my opener to open either garage.  I just don't have the car mirror function. 
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When I added a third stall I replaced the original two openers, so all three would match.  I also have two cars with the mirror buttons.  The set up instructions weren't completely clear on using the "learn" button.  It took me some time to get it all to work right, three openers, three remotes, two cars, more blame on me than anything else.  But it sure was fun, up and down the ladder, push buttons, one door is going up while the other is going down......

Maybe this should be in the I did something dumb thread.

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I don't have much trouble getting them set, 2 of the door openers are low enough that I can push the button with a stick but the other 2 are on 14' H doors so the opener button is about 15' up there so they require a "buddy" on the ladder while I do the ground work. My problem is having one of the doors 150 miles away.
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