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Started by Russ, June 05, 2003, 03:54:03 AM

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I'm Thinking of building another Band Sawmill. Anybody have any good sources for parts for Band Sawmills ?
Hydraulics, log sets, electric motors Clutches, ect.
I'd like to find a quiet replacement muffler for a 20 hp vanguard motor.


Can't really hep ya, cause, we build our own. Put in 2 baffles. One has holes, t'other has top and bottom edges cut off. We use 5" tubing, .065 wall and 1 1/8" conduit for the pipe.
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Russ, I am in Norton, MA and have access to replacement parts through a local distributor.

Please email me with specifics if you are interested.

Captain :)


I was looking at the mufler they put on those six wheel drive amphibious vehicles they make. The guy said the're quiet. The only thing is the exhaust went forward  I'd like it to go up. Fussy uh !!
Anybody have any source for engine clutch, feed motors,hyraulics anything to build or improve a bandmill.



A couple that come to mind are Linn lumber company and cooks sawmill............they both sell every thing related to building your own in hydraulics etc....
I am building a saw too planningh on making mine verticle though....


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Cooks have a lot of parts listed on thier site and even if you don't see it there they will be glad to track it down for you.  Thier prices are great too.  they will even sell any of the parts they fab for thier mills.  I just ordered thier compleat guide system from them yesterday.  I got both quides the hydraulic cylinder that moves the guide and the square tubeing lined with teflon wear plates that the guide slides in and out in.  total price $500.  I can,t build it my self for that price.  

Check them out at
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Thanks for the replies!! ;) I was thinking of building an electric mill . I already have some 19" band wheels and shafts. I really think somebody must make alittle quieter muffler for a vanguard 20hp briggs motor. I was also thinking ahead to when the clutch on it starts to slip somebody must make a repair kit or sell some sort of shoes for it. Maybe I'm wrong but I think I can make more money building a mill than sawing lumber !


Any idears on replacement band wheels 19" on a 1 1/2 shaft.
Mine are cracked. Not sure what will hold up. I don't think I want to put Chineese one's back on.


About the only place we can get a wheel that size locally is at an industrial pump warehouse.  Try www.cookssaw,com they sell parts like that over the counter if you can't find some from a company that you usually deal with.


   Try They have a 19" pulley with tapered bushing. Around $100.00 for the pulley, alone.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


Thanks, I also got a line on 19" KD pulley's about $105. with hub , but maybe conventional band wheels work better ?


You think a bow hunting scope would be good for viewing the scales on a sawmill ? Any idears ?[/url]


search for northern hydraulics on google. another good one is princess auto out of winnipeg. they have mail order as well.
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Cooks best for B/S specific stuff + if you need it modified they can-do.
Other parts,,didn't see Surplus Center(.com also) get mentioned yet  1-800-488-3407(.com also) .

Electric mill,,yea man, more pwr and quiet  Genset (PTO?) and elec edger (genset is also good for home power outages)

Band wheels can you go a little larger for improved blade life?  If it fits what the heck!
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