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log scaling

Started by br389, March 06, 2013, 06:12:33 PM

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Hi guys I just got some tree's pulled down to my landing and I have a buyer coming to look at them this weekend and I was wondering how I can scale them my self to see if I'am getting a good deal I believe the scale that the mill I'am selling to is either 1/4" or Doyle..... Thanks


Forum has a toolbox on the lower left.

You need the small end diameter of the log, and it's length. Plug those into the calculator and it will give you the log scale for that size log, using the various scales. That should be close enough to how the mill measures them. They may apply some rounding down if the logs are less than the specified size, so check exactly what length they want. Often they will want 6" of end trim on each log, and if you don't have that the log gets scaled as the next size down.

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