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Questions about a national park sign

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Hello everyone. My name is Ryan and I am new to the forum. I have a question concerning a national park wooden sign that I have. I reside in Oregon and procured the sign from the southern coast area. The sign has the number 33 on it as well as "national forest" written on it. The sign made of some kind of wood and is about 24" by 24"inches. I was hoping to find where the sign may have originated from (what park?) and what the significance of the number 33 is on the sign. I appreciate any help at all and hope everyone has a great day.

You have a Forest Service road sign in all likelihood. Google USFS Rd.33 and you will find info. That road is in your area. And by the way, if you "took it", I'd be quiet.

Here is link to someone caught with National Forest signs (and a lot of other ones)

NH man admits stealing 26 signs from White Mountain National Forest

Taking, receiving, or otherwise possessing something you KNOW you don't have permission to possess is called theft. 

Rather than asking here take the sign to the closest Forest Service office and ask them where it came from as you turn it over to the rightful owner. 

If you would like I am happy to put you in touch with their law enforcement division.  I can exchange IP addresses if that helps you. 

I will take it to the nearest Forest Service office. I didnt take it and didn't even think of that. Thanks for the info


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