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Looking for a thermostat for a standard forced air furnace that will go down to about the 35 degree range.
The cheaper the better.
The one I have is less then a year old, but only goes down to 45, as do all I've seen locally.
Found some on the web that go down to 40, but would like to stay just above the freezing mark.
Anyone have any leads?

I used one of the mercury thermostats with the mercury switch in it, and just mounted it 'off' level to get a temp 'on' setpoint lower than the '50' it would normally go down to when mounted level.
I can get it to not kick on at a temp of 40, but think I could tilt it some more yet to go even lower.

That make sense?

Yup, sure does!
I was wondering if it would work, and dug out an old one, but that one had problems and I don't trust it.
I'll give a new one a try if no one has any other leads.


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