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anyone to cut down an oak in Tampa?


L. Wakefield:
   Hi- I just spoke with my ex in Tampa. He has a humongous oak tree in his back yard that he believes is dead- likely struck by lightning a year or so ago. He hasn't been able to come up with anyone interested in cutting it down. I don't know much more than that- I think everyone may be over in Louisiana working- it sounds like the girth on it is truly huge. If you are in the area and think you might be available I could forward your contact information to him. Thanks in advance for any help.   lw

Good to see you around, LW. 8)

L. Wakefield:
   Thank you kindly, and the same back to you! Did you see my posts about a month or so ago? I have some pine and elm drying- a wee small pile, soon to be under the snow- altho the grass was so green today you had to wonder! 11/14 and almost 60*...   8)  lw


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