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I've got a new slabber that I order from Jake about a month ago and it going to be deliver Tuesday (2/14) hopefully if trucking company does what it says. In the mean time between paying Jake and waiting on slabber I ran into a health problem and doing my best with Duke Hospital to correct it. But after talking to Mike here in US I was telling him to hold of shipping it to me for a few days to make sure I was not in hospital. Anyway after talking to him he said he would return my money or help me sell the machine. I though that was great of him and Turbo Saw. But I plan on keeping it as of now and getting back to work soon. I've found out that sitting around for a couple weeks now is as boring as it gets.
Thanks Mike and Jake.

Hope you get back on your feet soon. 

Thanks Danny, part way there now. I'm planning on sawing soon.

Hopefully you will overcome your health issues and get on with your dream of sawing soon.  Thanks to Mike and Jake for their understanding and for putting their customer's interest first. 

mad murdock:
Glad to hear you will be able to enjoy Jake's creation.  It is also awesome of he and Mike to offer what they did.  I am grateful for the excellent support offered by Turbosaw to their customers, though my mill was a bit long in the coming, it was not the fault of Turbosaw, and to my knowledge the shipping problems will be a thing of the past as the freight forwarder responsible for the snafu's was the cause of all the issues.  It is great to know that there is good support for a product when you go to investing in it. I am more than impressed with the quality and the innovation coming from Turbosawmills. Glad to hear that your health will allow some enjoyment of the things that make life more worthwhile.   8)


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