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Title: Cable vs. Grapple/Cable Skidder
Post by: sticks on November 30, 2005, 05:36:30 PM
Back in August, I posted a message regarding a John Deere 440B Cable Skidder and the problems ... made the decision to dump the skidder! It turned out to be a real blood bath!  But today is a new day and with the help of God, business goes on.  Specifically, need recommendations on the pro's and con's of a straight cable skidder versus a grapple/cable skidder.  Have good leads on a John Deere 540G-III Cable and John Deere 548G-III Grapple/Cable Skidder.  Question -- for the extra money, is the grapple feature a good investment?  The machine will continue to be used on a privately owned timber stand as well as possible hiring out for neighboring timber management.  Remember, my experience to date was with a JD 440B .... Look Forward to information and your responses!

Title: Re: Cable vs. Grapple/Cable Skidder
Post by: Ed_K on November 30, 2005, 09:41:28 PM
 If the price for a grapple is in reach, go for it. The key is having the winch also. When I up grade it'll be the same way. Sometimes it's nice, not to have to jump off to put chokers on. But it'll be hard to use them, when you can just drive up and grab & go. Remember, the reason for a cable skider is not production, but quality of the remaining stand.
 Good luck.
Title: Re: Cable vs. Grapple/Cable Skidder
Post by: Black_Bear on November 30, 2005, 10:13:37 PM
If you will not be pulling behind a feller then the grapple will not be an economical advantage for you. I have operated both machines you list and they are workhorses. You'll love the power of the winch.

If you do get the grapple and decide to use it as a cable from time to time the grapple will seem like a nuisance (hard to see behind you) and like Ed K mentioned, once you get used to picking up trees with the grapple it becomes harder to choke them with a cable. Not harder physically, but mentally.

my $0.02,
Title: Re: Cable vs. Grapple/Cable Skidder
Post by: timberjack240 on December 01, 2005, 05:31:49 PM
im not saying whether theyre good or bad but my personal opinion is that the grapple skidder has there place in a clear cut not select. i watch e da guy we shared a landing with. he had a 648 and we had the 240 and i was pullin as much if no more and i didnt bounce over the rocks to get to the trees. another thing is if you hafta pull cable why wood you want a grapple because if you hook it up then you hafta unhook it eventually which meens you hafta get out defeating the purpose of a GRAPPLE.i personally wouldnt want to run one in most of the situations were in due to the fact of the tree bieng just outta reach... now we clearcut i wouldnt be pullin cable thats for sure jsut my oipinion
timberjack 240