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Welcome to The 2024 Forestry Forum!

Do you have trees to grow? Logs to saw? A forest to manage? Chainsaws to fix? A sawmill to purchase or maintain? Timber related business to run? Lumber to dry? Trees or plants to identify? A cabin to build? Are you hungry and like FOOD?

Or would you just like to pull up a stump and visit with a friend?
If any of these and a multitude of other topics apply, then The Forestry Forum is the place for you.

What Will you Find on the Forestry Forum?

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When is it desirable to use large branches as sawmill logs?

I had a large black cherry come down in the woodland this Winter and there are a few shorter yet clear branch sections...

(Seems that short pieces from branches can be marketed... Is tension still going to be an issue there?)


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I'm guessing there's a waiting customer before you start cutting, but...
I see this one logging crew working in my AO pretty regular, I'm 95% sure they're a local family. They have big equipment, John Deere hydro axe, skidders and dozers, a pair of 18-wheelers they use to haul the logs to the mill. It looks like they're cutting 21-footers, as they get 2-rows per trailer, and it's a long trailer... Sometimes they're working pulp/chip wood fields, sometimes timber.Read More

I tried uploading photos but they are too big and I'm too much of a dinosaur to resize them.

So I have 3 walnut logs that have been sitting in the yard for about 2 years in the shade and I'm finally cutting them up. Two of them have a good cup about 4" in 8' or so and the growth rings follow the bark. Problem is, I want to flat saw them and I'm not sure how that will work out. They are too big for my mill so today I cut them down with a csm to a size my neighbors Dingo 1000 can pick up. Read More

Is it just me or are the "pop-up ads" on the site over the top? Every time I go to a new page, another pop-up shows.

Haven't been on the site in a while but it almost makes it unusable. Don't remember it being this bad.

On a mobile device. Does that make a difference?

I heard speculation that logs that have been infested or killed by pine beetles are less valuable.

Why would that be?

Is that true in most parts of the county?

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