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Woodmizer LT 15 Go trailer jack info needed!!!

Started by Durf700, March 10, 2020, 04:30:42 PM

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can anyone tell me what the brand of the jacks are and model info that come on the LT 15 Go trailer packages? also what the lift height is?
I need to purchase jacks for my trailer I purchased and i'm having a hard time with clearance for the mill  from where the jack sticks up above where it will be welded on the frame I built.  I build my frame out of 2x4 box steel so the height should be around the same as the go trailer.  when I leveled the frame the distance is 19" from the center of the frame to the ground.  I can weld on 2x4 box steel below this frame if needed so jack will clear if necessary. this would put my mounting point where I would weld on the jack at 15" from ground height. 

thanks in advance for the info!! 


I think Woodmizer makes them.  They don't use a screw mechanism for the LT15go (mine is a 2014).  It's more of a pin and hole detent system.  I'm not where my mill is right now to make any measurements.
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any detail on the jacks and the weld on mount height on the go trailer would be great!   I am looking at 10" rise jacks with the round weld on bracket so you can swivel the jacks to be parallel to trailer when moving.  the issue is the jacks all stick up higher because of the way you raise them up.  the woodmizer jacks look to have a bolt head on top which solves the clearance of the sawmill head as it goes by the jacks. 

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That will give you and idea how I did my mod to FAO jacks. If i were you i would build the jackmounts pretty much the way woodmizer does where the jacks slide up and down for transport. 

Welding the mount so that the Jack rotates will not be sturdy enough and therefore a bit too unstable. You need those jacks to be very strong so much so that when a heavy log rolls across the bed and hits the back stops that the jacks will take the impact with zero damage to any thing. 

Having the jack slide inside 6" mounting tube solves all your strength and stability issues as well as allowing you to get the jack tops below the bed level.  

Yes it is more work but you will be glad you did it that way. You can buy those mounts from wood mizer resdy to bolt on.
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I have a 2018 Wood-Mizer LT15 Go and here are a couple of pictures of the jack and the handle. Mine are screw type jacks which, so far, work pretty well.



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thanks guys.  I think I can make it work based on the LT 15 GO design and pics.  I will get local jacks and remove the top wind handles.  then get nuts and drill /bolt them into place or weld them on top so I can use socket or impact to adjust when I move mill around.

thanks again!


I posted some pics of my build on "looking at 7 year old woodmizer LT 15" just now.  made my jacks like how woodmizer LT15 Go is.  I removed handles and welded on the nuts.  use drill and it works awesome to raise and lower the jacks.

thanks again for your help guys!

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