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American chestnut lumber vs chinese chestnut lumber

Started by Weekend_Sawyer, March 20, 2017, 08:50:53 AM

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We have some American chestnut in our woods in WV. Some of them get to around 12 - 14" DBH before they die. We have found a couple of the dead ones and milled them.

Recently the county cleared out a right of way in front of my house and I got a bunch of the logs. A lot of firewood and some saw logs. They took out a Chinese chestnut that my mother planted back in the 60's. I got one strait and one nicely curved saw logs out of it.

What I'm wondering is if the lumber is going to be similar or not to the American. Can a trained eye tell the difference? I'm not trying to fool anyone but I would like to make some nice mantles or bed frames out of it.

Here's a cross section of the American chestnut


and here's the Chinese.

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