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Flaw in My Plan

Started by Rhodemont, January 19, 2024, 05:36:01 PM

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Owning the forest source of my logs makes the best place to inventory them on the stump.  But being a one man show I log in the winter when conditions are good, split firewood when I can, and saw the logs when it is warmer. I am not for running the sawmill below freezing temps.  Problem is I can far out log my milling capability.  That leaves logs stacked that I never get to or short of logs if I get some calls.  With the current project of timbers for a barn build I am taking what I need to saw.  But that even leaves some 2nd and the 3rd logs in excess let alone all the firewood beyond that.  How many should I fell, where do I stack them, when will I get them sawed, how will I split all that?
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Its not a flaw per se, as much as having ambition.  All of us are in the same place as you are.  Sometimes I get frustrated, but most of the time I am happy I have stuff to do.

Its really about determining levels, how much can you handle and keep it all going.  Firewood is no biggie on letting it sit.  Saw 1/2 the day, crack n stack the other 1/2 or just an hour or two.   In the winter, log for a bit, cut firewood bolts. 

For logs that are sitting around, you should try to get them on log bunks to keep them off the ground.  I invested in a sprayer and use it to seal the ends of logs.  For the high dollar logs I also cover them with a tarp too.

How many should you fell?  Its different for each person and what equipment you have.  Just start in and keep track of what you can process without killing yourself. 

Sure it bothers you that you can't do everything all of the time, so prioritize. 
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rusticretreater, if I could hit the like button twice I would.   You nailed that one.
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Rhodemont, I know how you feel. It is the same for me. Do I go for more saw logs or do I cut and split firewood.
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My 2 cents

look at commercial mills and big firewood producers.
use google Earth to look at their layouts over time,   Historical

Most look like a big assembly line
logs with water sprayers to keep from cracking
debarker, makes saw blades last longer
standard lumber pallets made on-site to store and move the lumber
now the line splits into four
1 =  direct sale and use, as-is
2 = dried, air and/or Kiln
3 = waist, make pallets, stickers, firewood
4 = sawdust and bark. Burn, compost, mushrooms? landscape, ???

FYI, my setup is chaos

good info

Firewood, get a firewood processor that can do 20 foot logs, 14 inch diameter and less
16 and larger go to the mill for lumber
if the big log is not good for lumber then use the mill to split it lengthwise to fit onto the processor
"let the machines do the work"


Thanx guys.  I was a bit overwhelmed the other day driven partly by all the extra effort/time to clear out the blow downs from the rain and wind this past month.  Ground is finally frozen making things much easier to get back on track.
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The time to fell for saw logs is in the fall when the leaves begin to fall.  Logs should be stored in the coldest place you have. Logs drying out is a bad thing as is logs warming up. I have found no advantage to having logs off the ground except being able to get forks under them. Not talking firewood, lumber logs only. Waiting for spring to sawmill is not the best as the sawing should be done in winter. Green lumber stickered in winter dries cleaner and flatter also less end splits. The cut logs you didn't get to will not make as good a lumber as fresh  winter cut does.  I am sawing as much as I can now as this is the time.


Well, I am all logged out for this year.  The weather has not be great but cold  and dry enough to get out a lot of logs.  Now..what to saw.
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Stihl 362, 039, Echo CS-2511T and now a CS-361P

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