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Started by Miller-Thinner2, February 12, 2024, 04:45:46 PM

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This pic was posted on a Facebook group and it started a big debate. I think it's a birch as do many others The admins of Group say it's Aspen.
What's your thoughts and why?


Why? because it looks like birch and does not look like aspen.
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Yes, it's obvious to us including the OP it's birch. But when making a case we often point out the characteristics that make it so. A number of things in this case the OP and I have shared. If we say 'it looks like a birch', it reminds me of Monty Python and the witch scene. But then they explain why she's a witch. :thumbsup:
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Paper Birch.  The white papery loose bark and limb character. Aspen has firm shades of green bark.


You may find more clarification at 1:10 in the video linked below.
Neature Walk - Episode 1 ( 

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