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Mesh glasses or goggles, your experience?

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Old Greenhorn:
I was placing my bi-annual 'stuff' order with Madsen's last month and noticed their offering for 'mesh' type glasses and goggles. I use a steel screen on my helmet and for the most part it works OK, but if the sun is over my shoulder shining on the inside of the screen it is blinding and sometimes chips get inside the screen and lay there, until I look up at the tree top and they fall in my eyes. I had thought about trying these glasses or goggles but never did. Some days when running the sawmill (much more often lately) and the wind is wrong, my eyes get full of dust and wondering if these might help also in that situation? There are sevral styples and those 'bug eyes' ones looks like they might interfere with the brow part of the hard hat suspension.
 SO I am asking if anyone has experience with these and how they work while wearing a hard hat? I am concerned about sweating issues and how well they keep the junk out. Are they hot to wear in summer? Do you find them easy to use or just another compromise? What brands work best for you, or what have you tried and no longer use and why? In short, tell me what you know from your experience and learn me up. I like to try new things once in a while, maybe it's time to try this.
 Thanks folks.

I use to wear a set of bug eyes and have had a set of the glasses style I honestly hated both styles Ive never cared for any screen in front of my face because of the fines that get through them when wearing them. If I wear anything anymore its a set of safety glasses and that is weather dependent most days its nothing at all.

With that said any of the above solutions Ive never had issues with them well wearing the tin bucket hard hats.

I've warn glasses with mesh screen for years. I always wear tubular neck gaiter on my head for keeping the sweat out of my eyes. I think it's spandex. I don't like the cheap loose fit glasses, clearing saw dust goes up under them if you hit the tree at just the right angle. I get the ones with a fit around your eye socket. And watch out for cheap junk where the lenses fall out. I wear Notch brand I get from an Arborist site in Alberta. The screen is finer than some loose fit ones local shops have been selling.

Here is the company/manufacturer site and their glasses I get. I think they ship out of NC.

Trimax Mesh Safety Glasses

Old Greenhorn:
Thanks, this is all helpful. I like those notch glasses, the link only showed them with the 20 mesh. I was looking at the ones Madsen's sells that are available in 20 or 30 mesh at 30 bucks, called sight shield. They are the goggles type. Can't decide if I want the headstrap or not. I'd hate them falling off my face with all the bending involved. The Notch ones are half the price but I just want what might work best for me.
 Maybe nothings perfect, but I will give it a shot anyway. Every time I look up at a treetop and a chip falls in my eyes I am ready to rip that shield off and fling it. Safety glasses just fog up instantly for me and are a non-starter.

When i first started climbing i wore motocross goggles and theyre were by the far the best at keeping trash out of my eyes.  The saw could be blowing right in my face.  

Everything else ive tried is lesser.  If it keeps the dust out it keeps the sweat fog in. 


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