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Well once again we have started our fall logging . 

Best time of year here . Sunny days and most days not to hot . 

We saw at a leisurely pace really . We get up at 6 or 6:30 . At least an hour for breakfast 

This is the hotel we are staying at during our days of cutting . 

Just a short zodiac ride to the cutting site ( 1/8 of a mile ) 

We land ashore moor the zodiac and then start cutting . Usually cut until 11:30 . Then we have a two options do a cook up in the woods or zip back to the boat for lunch . Depends on the day .

Lunch is usually an hour or more . We then return to the woods and pile the logs we cut in the morning . By 3 or 3:30 we’re back aboard . Relax with drink . Then a good supper . We turn in early . Usually read for a 1/2 hour or so and then a good nights sleep . There’s no noise most nights so it’s easy to sleep . No traffic ever .

One of the piles we have cut so far . These will be covered and moved to the shoreline by snowmobile later this coming winter . They are then rafted home to the mill next ( spring/summer).

Fall logging is much easier than winter logging .


Wonderful,you,your family and community are an inspiration.

Thank You for again sharing your most unique (for us anyway) method of harvesting and transporting your logs.  8)

Quebecnewf, the land you are logging... is it public (govt) land? Do you need a permit or is it available to everyone?

Bruno of NH:
I like following your progress. 
Fall is a wonderful time to work.
It was in the 70's the last 10 days.
But winter is on its way.


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