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How is the access route to a logging site determined? Question two: What kind of restoration would the lumber people be required to complete if the roadway was the best way to the trees in question? I have three acres of pines suffering from southern pine beetle problems and have been notified by North Carolina Forestry that I have to remove the infected trees and several acres around them. The access closest to these trees is the private mountain, gravel, very steep road that leads to the two houses on this mountain. I am interested in keeping the road in the excellent condition it is in. The county road that borders this land runs parallel to a creek. The land itself is a very high bank above the county road and the trees are some distance from the county road. There is one low spot from the county road, however. Any help with the questions would be appreciated?

Hi,  Emily,  and welcome!  Every logging contract I've seen specifies the access,  and that some trees may need to be removed  for passage of equipment,  etc.,  and that the road will be left in the same condition or better after logging ceases.  The contracts I've seen were prepared by professional foresters.  My neighbors needed to use my road for access to some of their land by a logger,  and the forester drew me a topo map,  even pointing out certain trees which had to be removed.  Mind you,  this was a very narrow road,  two ruts is more like it.  Now it's better than before they cut.

Ron Scott:
Access roads are often the major problem with any logging job. Access road location needs to be well planned with best management practices used in any construction and maintenance.

As stated, all roads should be left in a better condition than they were. They should be left for travel by 2 wheeled drive sedan vehicle. If access is to be closed for limited use, the road should be gated.

If access is from a county road, an access permit may be needed from the county road engineer to determine the safe access to the county road; it may require a culvert, gravel, etc at the access point with the county road.

The access road location and its maintenance should be spelled out in the timber sale or project contract. A performance bond should also be required of the road user.


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