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Chainsaw Bar Oil Additive and/or replacement?


Does BC have anything that would work as a chainsaw bar oil replacement and/additive for bar oil? Iím thinking of the notoriously stingy reputations that Stihl seems to have regarding this application. If so, then with the other things that Iíve read/heard that you should be able to turn the oil output down quite significantly. 

Just a thought and possibly a new exploration avenue for a new segment of R & D.


We have never tried it for that application.

Did you look at DGP Works (another sponsor) they may have something?


DGP is not available here locally (that Iíve found). BC is. What are your thoughts on just adding regular BC to my bar oil. I wouldnít think that it could hurt anything but possibly help. 

Any thoughts from anyone, especially you @Tam-i-am 

It probably won't hurt anything but I can't send you any either.

The most cost effective way to send a small low cost item is through the mail.  Unfortunately, because of BC's classification, the Mail will not carry BC over international borders.



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