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Husqvarna 359 runs for a while then quits

Started by GF, April 09, 2011, 01:10:14 PM

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My brother in-law has a 359 he bought new, it does not have but about 30 hours on it.  The saw will run for about 15-20 minutes then quits, before it quits you can tell its getting ready since it sounds much like when they get ready to run out of gas.  Once it dies it will not restart, it tries then you throttle up and it dies, after a couple of time like this its flooded.  Even after it dies you fill it with gas it will not start.   You let it sit about 30-45 minutes it will start up and run for about 15 minutes and does the same thing.  He took it to a Husky dealer they had it for about four weeks and they adjusted the carburator, took it out today first time out of the shop and it doing the same thing, the dealer did not charge him anything.    Any ideas what may be going ?   Could it be electrical? Fuel problems?   We tried fuel I use in mine and it does not help, put seafoam in also.   Any ideas are appreciated.



Check for spark right after it dies, coil.. Maybe a fuel line is collapsing when it get hot. I'd also guess the tank vent but you filled it with fuel which would eliminate that.  Steve
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Two issues on those that I know of.

1.) some had plastic clamps on intake boot that leaked. baileys has a metal replacement clamp that fixes that.

2.) Lots of 359's had carb issues. These were the models with the walbro carbs. There is a replacement zama carb that provides a fix for this.
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It still has a spark after it dies, also tried putting in a new spark plug right after it died and still would not start.

I may look into what peterc38 mentioned.



I had exactly the same problem with my 359, which I bought new. It turned out that there was a recall on the carb. It came with a Walbro but was switched out at no cost to me by the dealer. It now has the Zama carb and runs perfectly! They also installed the proper boot from carb to engine. Have your dealer check with Factory rep. My saw was built in 08, even though I purchased it in 09.
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I've had tank vents get plugged before, and the saw acts just like it is running out of gas- because it is ::) Start it up, run it till it dies, then just crack the gas cap open. If it starts back up it is probably the vent. If your saw does have that plastic carb boot, you should replace it with the updated metal one, although I don't think that is what your problem is. Those just cause an air leak that will melt your piston. ::) Hmmm.. I just re-read your post, that kind of sounds like a weak coil. Too bad the dealer can't figure it out, I hate it when you bring stuff to the dealer for nothing. One other thing I have replaced on my 346 is the carb diaphragm, that also made it act like it was running out of gas.
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About time for a different dealer.  :(  Not being mean,but I hate to spend money on something,have issues with it and get no results on the problem,be it 30 hours old or 300. Sounds like the problem can be duplicated again and again. I know sometimes they don't act up with wrenches in hand too.
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John Mc

Quote from: barbender on April 11, 2011, 11:01:33 PM
Hmmm.. I just re-read your post, that kind of sounds like a weak coil.

Some coils have been known to develop problems only when hot. Problem doesn't show up when cold. Has your dealer checked this? He may have to run it under a good load to get it to heat up enough.
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My Husky 359 behaved this way.  Installed a new carb kit.
No problem since.

downunder Trav

best fix would be unload it and buy a stihl ms 362!!! come to think of it it would have been the better one to buy in the first place!!!!

On a serious note however pull the plug and try a different one, then look at tank venting and carb followed by coil/ ignition.
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No, don't go with stihl :D, i've had lots of good service from huskys and they take a beating for sure! The 359's though had a problem as one of mine did. I dropped it off at a local saw shop and he just put a new carb on it, no problems since. Yah, that is a bummer but you could most likely just get away with the carb rebuild someone else mentioned. The 359s' are very good saws in my opinion, great balance between weight and power.


Sounds like a recall canidate to me    smiley_furious   My dealer didn't even know about the recall until I told him  dadgum you, Charlie! ...........Cheyenne
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John Mc

Was that recall for a replacement of the whole carb? I thought I heard something about one affecting the 357XP. For some model years, the original carb would not idle well.

My 357 (bought used, 2005 model from the serial number) does have that problem. I adjust it to run fine, and idle well... and it does so for a while, then it starts idling slow. Check mixture and increase idle RPMs. Works great for a while, then it starts idling too fast. I had the plastic induction clamp replaced with the upgraded metal one. Probably should have done the carb at the same time, but didn't realize the carb had known issues at the time.
If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.   - Abraham Maslow

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