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Some Wood-Mizer LT-10 questions

Started by Indiana Robinson, May 24, 2012, 09:01:33 AM

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Indiana Robinson

This is a quote from a message I posted on another thread. I'm starting a new thread rather than hijack that one further:
"That one cant puts you one cant ahead of me. I bought an LT-10 a couple of years ago for part of my retirement (while I still had the money) but just got it out of the farm shop a couple of weeks ago and put together. I have a good bit of cottonwood I want to cut for horse stalls etc. very soon.
My trouble is that I bought a lot of stuff for retirement so I would always be busy. Now I wish I could have as much time to do it as I had before I retired. 
I want to mount my LT-10 on a pair of very heavy low (about 8" x 8") wide "I" beams I have that I salvaged from an old one post automotive lift. It is the original bed style. I got an extra bed section so I can cut 18' logs.
This isn't my first mill. I used to have a Kasco "The Saw II" that would cut a 30" x 24' log. I loved that saw and used it about 6-8 years and stupidly sold it. Since most of my cutting will be for me I think the LT-10 will serve me fine."


I have two initial questions...
First is about the exhaust on my engine. The head came assembled so I assume it is assembled right (I have really been impressed with the quality of this saw generally) My concern is that the exhaust blows directly (from very close) on the round upright post and I must assume that it will make the post quite hot. I am not afraid of it melting the post  ;D but I am concerned that the post will get too hot for the plastic guide bushing that slides up and down the post when you raise and lower the head.

Question 2 is about the rather complex cable system tor the whole carriage. I know that it has been discontinued on the new bed system and that they changed the rollers and some other things there (and that the new kind will not interchange with the old ones). I keep looking at videos and pictures of operations on line and in WM publications and in many of the older LT-10 setups I absolutely cannot see the cable system in use. Are guys taking these off and not using them???

Thanks for any info.

Lifetime farmer.
Lifetime sawdust lover.
Old Tractor lover.
Have worn a lot of hats.
Once owned a Kasco mill that would saw a 30"x24' log. Now a new little LT-10 Woodmizer for my own lumber.
And yes, my woodshop is seriously infested with Shopsmiths.
Old geezer trying hard not to be one. :-)


I have the same exhaust issue with my 2012 LT-10,

Will post photo tomorrow,

Cannot help with cable question,



Hi Indiana Roberson.

I also have a WM 10 I bought for my retirement, whch I have really enjoyed.  1.  The exhaust blowing out on on post doesn't seem  to hurt anything, in fact I thought I might help heat things up a bit to make manually lifting the head easier.  The  only concern I have about the exhaust is that it is too close to my face and I thought about  piping it higher.  2.  I have all my cables installed.  I am sure the purpose is stability.  Have to keep them tight. 
"Sometimes you can make more hay with less equipment if you just use your head."  Tom, Forestry Forum.  Tenth year with a LT40 Woodmizer,


Exhaust,  on LT-10.

I believe B&S makes different exhaust cans for this motor,
I am looking for a 30 deg sweep to clear the mast and place the spark suppressor screen back on.
I will also check on exhaust heat wrap, same material used on motorcycle head pipes, may not need.





Plan 1 on exhaust redirection failed.  Not enough room to place a 90 deg el and fully disengage the motor.
just makes it if you tilt the exhaust down and forward, but then hits the bridge when you raise the head.
Will contact WM and Briggs to see if there is an option they know of,
and/or will ask Briggs for an alternative exhaust


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