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Computer setworks for LumberPro HD36


Computer setworks are available to upgrade your HD36.
Check them out here:  

Here’s how they work- “Mark” your first cut to give the computer its original point of reference.
After each cut, the computer will then automatically raise the sawhead to the correct height to safely return to the starting point.

Press “Set” and the sawhead automatically descends ready for the next cut to your programmed board thickness.

Versatile and Easy-to-Use: Quickly change board thickness from one cut to the next – The computer comes pre-programmed with 10 different depth-of-cut settings.
Or easily reprogram any of your ten pre-sets to cut your own specialty dimensions.

You can also change the program to saw in inches or millimeters in increments of 0.001” or 0.1mm.

Norwood is a very progressive company and I am sure that this new Computer Setworks will be a welcomed option.

Thank You Mike for the update.


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