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NZ, Coast to Coast with Hubnut.


This is a Youtube clip from a Welsh car nut and YouTuber. 

He's starting at the top carpark about 10miles up the road from home, and then driving to the other side of the Island 

We live just around the corner from the "Forgotten Highway Starts" sign that he drives past. 

He messes up the pronunciation of Whangamomona, the Wh is pronounced as an "F" in Maori, but does pretty well otherwise. Bonus points for spotting the Toyota Blade  pulling out of the car park in Stratford. It's not me, but similar car / same town.  He would have enjoyed the trip more in my Blade than that Ford barge.  :D

One of Lara's friends lives ~20km on the other side of Whanga. Really neat place, but it's about as remote as it gets in NZ.

NZ is on my bucket list - Hoping sooner rather than later and yes $$$ is an object .

I used to be able to man a sailboat ( NZ being thought of as sailing country around here ) - but quite a few years back. I only made one trip ( voyage ) slightly offshore when I got a great invitation from a friend that had a Cape Dory 33 to join him going to Maine . He spoke highly of NZ and sailing . 


Yeah, boating in general is popular in NZ as no town is very far from the sea, Hubnut drove right across the Island in less than a day, and passed a massive lake 1/2 way across. 

But we are around 40 deg South latitude, surrounded by open ocean. The sea get's pretty rough when a storm rolls through. Good for surfing, not so great for boating. :) 

Thanks Ian for a nice ride but that left sided highway driving would get me in big time trouble!!  :o


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