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Texas Ranger:
Looking for wisdom.

I have tried several over the years, each seems to have a hickup, or I do with them.

What do y'all recommend for spray. Newer stuff I may not recognize

doc henderson:
inside I assume, what kind of wood.  who will use it, commercial or family.  I love to spray but on large projects do not discount the wipe on poly like a Danish oil, hard wax oil, or general finishes arm-r-seal.  I was schooled by @tule peak timber to use pour on bar top epoxy, but not in a single 1/4 inch fake looking pour, but in many thin applications with sanding in between.  on the shoe rack shelf, I used a brush on wipe off, or you can get missed spots, and edges that show.  I spray a lot of the minwax helmsman uv protected poly.  



Danish oil natural






this is the thin application of bar top epoxy.  started with thin penetrating then did the edges with some sawdust mixed in to make all stable.

Texas Ranger:
Thanks, Doc, I have used a lot of Minwax, also used Deft on some projects.  This an interior dining table, old, have not identified the wood other than light color, heavy and hard. 

firefighter ontheside:
I sprayed laquer on the last table I built.  It turned out ok, but I have hiccups with spraying laquer.  For tables I fall back to brushing on oil based poly.  I shy away from spraying oil based poly, because I don't like to clean up the sprayer after using oil based poly.  I have used some low voc poly from Target finishes.  I did not spray it, but I certainly could.  It's worth looking into.  It's water based but is supposed to mimic the look of oil based.

A few of my local customers that build tables, counter tops and bars have gone to using Flooring poly for the finish. They say it isn't as difficult as epoxy with air bubbles and such. It still has a nice look and can take some abuse.


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