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the Walton Arts Center - Our Art, Our Region, Our Time Joy Pratt Markham Gallery.  To get in I had to write a artist bio and statement.  Send in only two pictures of work.  Sit and wait to see if I got accepted....most didn't.  The stool made it in, but my wall art did not.  It will be on display until November 14th.  Pieces can be sold and the gallery does not charge a commission.  It's a great opportunity, as the Walton Arts Center presents high end Broadway plays and the gallery is really nice.  Only me and one other guy with wood art.

My first experience of this nature.  I'm already working on a couple more pieces.

Old Greenhorn:
This is awesome! Congratulations! Bozos like me never think of putting stuff in a gallery setting but you've given guys like me a new thing to consider as we progress and produce nicer stuff. Beautiful stool, I hope it finds a home. 
 Finding the right outlet for higher end stuff is always a task that seems unsurmountable. I am (way too) often told by folks who buy and look at my stuff that if they saw the same piece in the city (for us, that's NYC) it would bring 3-4 times the price I sell it for.
 Looks like you've found a good outlet and hopefully, now that you've got in, you can continue to place pieces.

Congratulations, you should be quite proud.  

That's really cool.  Congrats. 

Absolutely awesome. You will never know how far that stool will travel on just three legs.


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