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Planer mark cause?

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I am getting marks predominately on one side of my 20Ē helical planer. They donít seem to be patterned like itís a certain few teeth, I replaced the teeth just to be sure it wasnít tearing out or dull teeth but it made no difference.  Planer has 2 speeds but either one doesnít make any difference.
Doesnít show on camera but the marks are actually a little deeper than the surrounding wood, you can feel them with your finger, like they are little gouges.  More visible on the darker wood, can see the difference between these boards run on opposite sides of the planer.
Any ideas?  

doc henderson:
I cannot see them, but see if the pattern fits a drive roller.  you may need to adjust the down pressure.  I get it if I take too small a pass sometimes.  see you manual for the adjustment.  just a thought.  again, see if the lead roller has a serration or something that looks the same.  so if you run the one with marks on the other side, the marks go away?  is it the light marks I can see on the darker wood.

I do get the same marks you are talking about from the feed roller if I take too light of a pass, this definitely isnít the same. 
Yes it is the light marks on the right board

Don P:
Looks like chip mark, insufficient suction. The chips are not removed , some come back around and are impressed in the surface by the body of the cutterhead. Close some blast gates or play with tuning them, or a more powerful fan, or a lighter cut.

To check if chip marks that are compressing the wood, put some drops of water on them to see if they swell back up.


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