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anybody ever run one of these new saws , Looks pretty good from what I see online, if its ends up anything like how I got a 500i all you guys will have one before I do lol

I was hoping they would have an arctic version, but apparently not.

They probably will if the current model is well received. I wonder if the price point will bite into MS460 sales or be an attractive alternative to the 362. Magnesium piston :o This thing should scream!

everything Stihl is coming out with is not cheap on their pro saws, I'm sure were talking close to 2 years before we see it , sorry , before I see it lol

Husqvarna is no cheap alternative, over $1700 bucks for FX550 with tax. Stihl 560 ain't no cheaper. Was $1200, 2 years ago. The talking head in Ottawa said no price gouging during pandemic. Wanna bet? Ain't going to stand up to his words neither, guarantee it.


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